I am putting the blog on hold to pass on some news taken from Michael Sala’s book “US Air Force and Secret Space Program.” The United States Air Force (USAF) is experiencing a profound shift with its main space assets soon being moved into a new military branch called the “Space Force,” which is designed to aggregate the assets from all the military services under one authority for activities in space. The gradual emergence of Space Force offers an opportunity for the Air Force to publicly reveal the most well-guarded secrets in its arsenal of exotic spacecraft, unconventional weapons and futuristic technologies, assembled over the more than seventy years since its official emergence as a military service on September 18, 1947. What is driving this profound change is the realization by Air Force leaders that they had been deceived by their major allies in the research and development of advanced aerospace technology. Corporations have the ICC space program, the Nazis have a space program, the Navy has the space program, Solar Warden, etc., and the Air Force leadership knew nothing of this. These programs have ships that are not only interplanetary, but can go into space. Also, there are bases in deep space.************************************ In addition, extraterrestrial allies participated in the deception over space technologies that were built and deployed. The discovery of this deception made USAF leaders realize that, rather than being the “tip of the spear,” of the military’s projection into deep space, they had become something analogous to a space-based “coast guard.” When the USAF woke up, they took steps to align their own space program with a more ethical group of extraterrestrials (each country or group in the world is aligned with its own group of ETs.). And the Air Force took action to prevent a false flag operation by the Deep State designed to start WWIII. Space Force is aggressively pushed by Donald Trump. On February 19, 2019 the president issued Space Policy Directive 4 stating that Space Force would initially be under the Air Force control. But it won’t work because the Navy owns Solar Warden. The Navy won’t hand over its program until the Department of the Space Force is created. The Deep State and its Nazi allies were taken off guard by the USAF’s realignment to another ET species and its refocus on space. Sala says that the public will finally know the truth about the black budget programs, and civilian aviation will be transformed. We will have free energy and be off fossil fuels. Age regression will be possible to all, not just the privileged few. We will take vacations in outerspace.

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