The issue of illegal immigration crosses the issues surrounding the environment. The Sierra Club announced, “Immigrants’ rights and the environmental movement’s concerns are intertwined” (Carlson). But there was no serious attempt to tie the repeal of DACA to actual environmental concerns. The point was: good people support the environment, oppose Trump and protect undocumented immigrants. We see illegal immigrants with criminal records killing Americans, like the one who killed the police officer recently, but these ‘good’ people turn a blind eye to these atrocities. Another illegal with a criminal record started a forest fire and then neglected to call for help. The forest fire destroyed 45 square miles. The new environmentalist is an Elite who is caught up in theory. Most inner-cities are filled with the homeless who need to urinate and defecate on the sidewalks. A person who walked on one of those sidewalks picked up an infection from an e. coli germ from the feces and had to have his leg amputated. But today’s environmentalist is not concerned with such tiny details. The Sierra Club, formed to maintain hiking trails in Yosemite, now takes a vigorous position in favor of transgenderism (which has yet to be defined) and in 2017 signaled its opposition to the “unsustainable whiteness” of environmentalism (Carlson). Environmental racism is the creation of Robert Bullard, a sociologist, who has written several books on the subject. Redirecting resources is a big part of solving the problem. In 1990, dozens of civil rights leaders wrote an open letter to the heads of the 10 biggest environmentalist groups, accusing them of racist and genocidal practices. They also wrote,”although you claim to represent our interests, it has become clear to us that your organizations play an equal role in the disruption in our communities”(Carlson). The proposed remedy: cash payments. It sounds to me that the Elite have taken over the environmental movement. They’ve replaced the practical with the theoretical, which means they won’t take any real moves to improve the environment; and they are in favor of mass immigration, which is one way the Elites intend to destroy America. How much money changed hands? All we know is that The Sierra Club gave Bullard one of its highest awards. Obama’s EPA administrator Gina McCarthy told the Congressional Black Caucus that combating environmental racism was her agency’s ‘core issue'(Carlson). The EPA directed millions in grants to fight environmental racism. Environmentalism has nothing to do with racism, of course, but it does serve a need. As a theology, environmentalism speaks deeply to America’s Elites (Carlson). Its moral absolutes affirms them, adding meaning to their otherwise secular (godless?) world. The collapse of mainline Protestantism left a void in the hearts of America’s ruling class. The environmental movement fills it. But I say this is a naive view of the Elite, especially of the motivations of the Elite. As we have already seen, they are out to destroy America, and Carson has no inkling of this. Why? There are plenty of books on the subject. The Elite are not fighting Trump as he rolls back environmental protections. Why? They want to see the environment deteriorate. But Carlson says, “The movement’s new priorities make sense. Environmentalism as a religion is more compelling than environmentalism as a means to save birds or clean up some river in Maine. After a while details about the natural world seem irrelevant. Compared to questions about virtue and salvation, they are not that interesting. The Elites blithely ignore the details. Elites will fly in their private jets ( some have jumbo jets) and yet be seriously concerned about climate change. And according to Carlson, predicting changes in climate over time has never been successful. A 20 year study found that global temperature hadn’t risen nearly to the degree predicted. In fact they fell outside the margin of error. Scientific studies are not able to be replicated in study after study. Researchers took studies from well known journals and tried to replicate them. 64% of them couldn’t be replicated. Bayer took studies from the journals Science and Nature and tried to replicate them. They were unable to replicate the results in 75% of the studies. And replicating results is supposed to be a scientific absolute. Carlson makes an interesting observation: “Within academia, the pressure to conform to climate orthodoxy has rendered the scientific method irrelevant.” Academic journals are refusing to publish research that deviates from conventional opinion.

The site EraofLight said that several well-known public figures were arrested and put on barges bound for GITMO, but I don’t believe it. They aren’t the true Illuminati, anyway. Tucker Carlson’s book, “Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution,” has some pertinent information for our subject. He discusses hate speech and politically correct speech. Instead of older members of the Cabal and ancient bankers, this movement is led by young college aged kids, and what’s frightening is that they’ll be running the country soon. They are so hard left that they are in danger of losing their balance. They refuse to let conservative speakers on college campuses–this started at Berkeley and spread to other campuses. Any speaker who doesn’t agree with their views is persona non grata. They spout crap about freedom of speech, but they won’t allow a conservative speaker on campus. And they are stupid–they don’t even see the irony. Another worry about these kids–they are physically violent. There is an older group of adults who is acting the same way: breaking up Republican town hall meetings and making it impossible to continue the meetings. They too are violent, and they are in the streets protesting when there is nothing to protest about. And they are devious: at SUNY Albany in 2016 three female black students had claimed that a white mob had assaulted them. It took the police a while to figure it out, but it turned out that the three girls had started a fight and assaulted the white students. Carlson says, “Dozens of supposed hate crimes turned out to be manufactured as well. The rate of fake hate crimes appeared to outpace the rate of real ones. Yet all of these stories received extensive and credulous coverage before they were unmasked.” Carlson next makes an interesting claim:”Powerful white Elites secretly love to hear they’re naughty.” Emphasizing race guilt eases the conscience of a certain sort of white Elite; it’s cathartic; it feels like an exercise in virtue–a way to even the score. Ta-Nehisi Coates is their favorite intellectual. Coates worked as a journalist, being hired and fired by the Philadelphia Weekly, the Village Voice and Time. Next he was hired by the Atlantic and his career took off (Carlson). Coates’ writings focus on history, poverty and crime from a black perspective. But his readers aren’t black people; they are affluent white professionals. As Carlson remarks, “Coates is the court theologian of the ruling class.”**************************** The politically correct are ruled by feminists while American men are literally losing their manhood. Carlson says,”Something awful is happening to men in America.” But because of a few well-known and opinionated feminists, nobody dares admit it. The average man dies 5 years before the average woman. Men are twice as likely as women to become alcoholics or to die of a drug overdose. In New Hampshire it was revealed that 73% of overdose deaths were men in any given year. 77% of all suicides are committed by men, and the rate is increasing. Between 1999 and 2014 there was a 43% rise in suicides among middle-aged American men. Another awful statistic is that 90% of prisoners are men. Between 1979 and 2010 working age men with high school degrees saw their hourly wages drop by 20%. Over the same period high school educated women saw their wages rise.. Jobs in which women are in the majority tend to be far less vulnerable to automation. 3 of the 5 fastest growing fields are dominated by women. About 7 million men aged 25 to 54 no longer have jobs. The reasons for this is well-known. Our trade deals with China alone is responsible for a large part of this. As a consequence, far fewer men are getting married than just a few decades ago. And few stay married.Young adult men are now more likely to live with a parent than a spouse or partner. That’s not the case for a young woman. Men are not physically healthy, either. 70% of men are obese, and sperm counts are down 60% since the early 1970s. And male testosterone dropped by 1% each year since 1987. Lower testosterone is associated with depression, lethargy, weight gain and decreased cognitive ability. All this is completely ignored by the medical establishment. There are no NIH studies taking place. Instead, studies focus on the false conclusion that women make 77 cents for every dollar men make. That’s all women workers and all male workers. Carlson says that no legitimate social scientist would consider that a valid measure, and it’s intentionally misleading. “When you compare men and women with similar experience working the same hours in similar jobs for the same period of time–and that’s the only way you can measure it–the gap all but disappears “(Carlson). Millions of American men make less than their fathers made, a depressing betrayal of the American dream, leading to societal collapse. Families fall apart. Young people stop getting married, fertility drops. There is a rise in out-of-wedlock births when men make less than women (Carlson). Boys born out of wedlock become the next generation of lower wage earners, prisoners, drug abusers and alcoholics. They have trouble in school, frequently fail to graduate, have difficulty reading and learning. This cycle, well-known in the inner-city, has moved to rural areas and is even threatening the middle class. According to Carlson, “A society filled with idle men is an unstable society.” All of these generally do not affect affluent communities. Children grow up with both of their parents. The mother often stays home until all the children are in school, and the husband usually makes more than the wife. It’s happening, however, to the middle class at a very scary rate. Several months ago I put up a list of ways in which the Cabal would destroy America. One way on the list was to destroy the middle class, and we can see it happening now. The family in large part seems defunct. Unless something is done for men, things will only get worse.

The Bad Guys are Going Down. Redfern discusses a classified program which the CIA developed. It’s well-known that religion manipulates its followers through fear and guilt: fear of going to hell and guilt of wrong-doing. The CIA’s program, created in the 1960s, was called Operation Often. It still exists today under another name. The idea was to use the spiritual aspects of religion to destroy the enemy (i.e. the Soviets). Today it would still be the Russians and North Korea. The Operation was to use the supernatural power of real demons to attack the enemy. Sidney Gottlieb, a major figure in the mind control projects of MKUltra, was the one person who was able to bring this program to life. Gottlieb was brilliant and could think outside the box. After getting his PhD in chemistry from Cal Tech, he was hired by the CIA’s Technical Services Staff in the Chemical Division. He oversaw many controversial programs: hypnosis, mind manipulation and control, dosing people with LSD, and even creating slave-like assassins–people skilled in killing and making it look like an accident or suicide. And who, as a result of programming by MKUltra, would follow every order and do every dirty deed. Richard Helms, Director of the CIA, gave Gottlieb the job of raising demons. Redfern says “it is one of the most powerful jobs in the US government.” Helms explained to Gottlieb that he would be taking “the worst parts of the domain of the afterlife and religion–demons, curses and supernatural powers- and use them against America’s biggest threats”(Redfern). (This is the origin of psychotronic weapons.) Gottlieb was shocked, but took up the challenge. Some experts in the program were not in the CIA or any intelligence service. They were drafted in and included priests, demonologists, Satanists, psychics, and tarot card readers. They were required to take secrecy oaths and be ready when needed. The most sinister aspect of this program, according to Redfern, was that it dealt with ways to cause death and make it look innocent. Attempts were made to raise ancient Babylonian demons by offering them Faustian pacts. The demonologists would try mind-to-mind contact with demons. Sometimes it seemed to work. The demonologists said they had successfully delivered their messages. But the program itself had inexplicable negative incidents. “Deaths happened on the program that couldn’t be explained” (Redfern). And there were highly controversial successes. The supernatural entities that were called forth agreed to take the lives of whoever it was the team wanted dead: Russian officials, spies of the KGB or now FSB or GRU, Chinese hackers, etc. But there was always a cost to Operation Often, too, and this is why it was shut down. “The demonic things had no love for either side; they just maliciously and evilly enjoyed taking out both” (Redfern).***** Another program, called Collins Elite, is performing a task almost identical with Operation Often, but nothing is known about it, not even its real name. We wouldn’t even know it existed if not for a priest, Ray Boeche, who is a UFO researcher and state director for the Mutual UFO Network in his state. MUFON is the largest UFO group in the country. In November, 1991, Boeche was secretly approached by two physicists working on a classified DoD project. They told Boeche of a program which had the goal of controlling non-human entities (NHEs), demons, in fact. Apparently the two physicists were from Collins Elite, and the staff in that program believe that ETs are demons. And the whole ET phenomenon is demonic, and that demons try to convince us that they are ETs from outer space. They are telling us that God does not exist and religion is a ruse. Boeche’s informants told him that there had been some incredibly violent deaths in the program, including a technician whose head had been crushed by an unseen force (Redfern). Boeche was contacted (1991) to thwart whatever it was that the team had so recklessly unleashed. All the high-ranking military and intelligence personnel were informed of this situation, except for the president. Boeche’s links to both UFOs and the church put him into a unique position to help. And what’s going on today? You might be surprised. Those in the program believe that no good can come of raising demons. Demons want all humans dead. Their opinion is that humans must come back to God, but not the God of the New Testament, the God of love and mercy. They think they must prevent an Armageddon of nuclear proportions and to do that the public must be indoctrinated to believe in the Old Testament teachings and the fear of God. In 2007 Redfern spoke with Boeche on weaponizing religious phenomena. And he was able to speak to some members of the group and learn something about its agenda. Another secret program similar to Collins Elite has been running at the same time. This program, however, has the goal of indoctrinating people to avoid NHEs at all costs and caution people that ETs were really demons (Redfern). Redfern connected with a professor of theology who had direct contact with this group who thought ETs were demons. Two men from the DoD told the professor that “the tales of ETs were evidence of Satanic force which have 2 key goals:1) entice humans to follow their dark ways 2) ensnare human souls in order to live off their life energy (Redfern). According to this group’s understanding, hell is not a fiery pit overseen by Satan but an extradimensional realm inhabited by dark entities with a hatred toward humans..They will “farm our soul energies” upon death for reasons hypothesized but never proved.********* The report “The Exploitation of Superstitions for Purposes of Psychological Warfare” was written on April 14, 1950 by a woman named Jean M. Hungerford. So this topic is not new. Also, Rand, the think tank, was commissioned by the Air Force to answer the question: Could religion be manipulated in a way that would win wars around the world? Hungerford was able to show the Air Force that using religion against enemies was highly effective. Radio broadcasts in Europe spoke of the Virgin Mary walking with American soldiers and waving the flag. Miracles happening in a Chzeck church had people coming from all directions. There was a plan to convince Castro of the immanent return of Christ. But there’s a far more serious plan called Project Blue Beam, in which they’ll try to convince the public that ETs are attacking. There are already ETs here and they are in charge at some level. There is another race coming in, but they’re peaceful. The Controllers, as Redfern calls, them, want to put us into never ending slavery and are using Reptilians toward that goal..

God is Good. The Illuminati was established in 1776 by a law professor named Adam Weishaupt. His ideas were so revolutionary and depraved that the Duke of Bavaria sent out four Edicts banning the group. It didn’t do any good. The Illuminati planned to take down both the state and Christianity. We see this today in the European Union, where individual nations have given up their sovereignty to be part of a higher unit, and none of them are happy. We also see today the denigration of Christianity among the Eastern intellectual elite. Pundits say things about Christians they wouldn’t dare say about Jews–or Muslims. Weishaupt said he could influence men through women by giving women “emancipation from the tyranny of public opinion, and standing up for themselves. It will be an immense relief to their enslaved minds to be freed from any one bond of restraint, and it will fire them the more, and cause them to work for us with zeal, without knowing that they do so; for they will only be indulging their own desire for personal admiration.” There is a direct link between these doctrines of the late 1700s and the 1970s feminist movement. Mark Dice, author of “Inside the Illuminati: Evidence, Objectives and Methods of Operation,” says that the Illuminati wanted to make women “self-centered, narcissistic, power-seeking sluts, and promote this behavior under the banner of freedom” (Dice). In the 1970s the feminist movement was promoted by Ms. Magazine. There was a push to demonize stay-at-home moms. Dice himself falls into the trap of demeaning women when he says that “Women who whine about equal rights still expect men to always pay for dates and buy them expensive gifts.” He’s also fallen into the trap of generalizing: “Feminism pressures women to turn their children over to daycare centers, and trade in working around the house for being stuck in a cubicle sitting in front of a computer all day” (Dice). The Illuminati plan to control the education of our children so they could indoctrinate them and ‘root out’ their prejudices. It is happening today. The federal government has no business being involved in public education, but there it is. Big Government is the Nanny State, pushing mainstreaming of Special Education students, pushing Common Core, demonizing belief in God, banning the name ‘Jesus.’ Charlotte Iserbyt, head of policy at the Department of Education, wrote a book, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America,” in which she said that education was eliminating critical thinking, and that Skull&Bones runs the Department of Education, which dictates what will be taught. Children of the Elite are not dumbed down; they are taught team building, networking skills, and other tools to allow them to advance rapidly up the social hierarchy.********* The Elites favor mass immigration because they need servants with brown skin. They are working hard with the left to make this happen. President Trump, however, is acting as a firewall, God bless him. As I said several months ago, the Cabal planned to use mass immigration, among other things, to destroy America. Their failure to assimilate and learn English would weaken our cultural fabric (everything now is in Spanish as well as English proving a failure to learn English). With mass migration, crime would go up (a cop was killed yesterday) just when we are re-evaluating our drug laws and prison terms. And pro-immigration factions are getting silly: The Sierra Club refused to participate in an Earth Day festival because it included participants who wanted tighter border controls. Imagine! Dice says: “By redefining immigration as a moral issue, Elites have shut down debates over its costs.” And then there is always the federal government. In 1975 a congressional investigation (the Church hearings) discovered that the government was spending a billion dollars a year to secretly pay editors and reporters to work as gatekeepers and propagandists for the establishment. The program was dubbed Operation Mockingbird (Dice). President Obama hired Harvard law professor Cass Sunstein to set up fake social media accounts and ‘troll’ the comments sections of news articles, YouTube videos and Facebook pages in order to discredit news stories the White House thought were damaging to the Establishment. Edward Snowden’s leaks revealed that the NSA went further by having paid trolls harass people online who were causing too much trouble to the WH’s well-controlled narrative.


Be Very Afraid. The website Fourwinds10 stated: “There are now large numbers of global leaders that are convinced that the exploding population of the world has become like a virus or plague, and that it must be combated as such. In fact, it would be very difficult to understate just how obsessed many members of the global elite are with population control” (Redfern). Politicians, the UN and the rich and powerful are all groups who think they have a role in reducing population, and their plans are controversial in the extreme. Some plans are akin to Hitler’s attempt to get rid of all the Jews on earth. The Controllers will stop at nothing to see their plan go forward, to see that their agenda to wipe out–not millions, but billions of people–goes ahead. The Jewish analogy was appropriate–and don’t forget Hitler was democratically elected– because Hitler launched a systematic program and kept careful records. It could happen again if we forget its lessons, and the next time the targets will be just about everyone. The agenda of the Controllers is to reduce the population by billions and no race is exempt. Of course, there are legitimate issues around overpopulation. It is a threat to our future as a species. Redfern says there is only so much space and so many resources. But the earth has so many uninhabited and vast areas which could be utilized if people would get away from the coast lines and explore. And we are developing new resources; there will be free energy, the energy of space. An electric company is already using it. Redfern says that “we will see worldwide chaos and anarchy as the starving, desperate millions raid stores and homes and do just about anything and everything they can do to stay alive.” But the Controllers are thinking about this and “they are primed and ready to cull what they term as the “herd.””********** This isn’t conspiracy theory talking. The population problem has been picked up by the mainstream. “The Guardian” said that water was an important and increasingly scarce resource. It also pointed out that we have no idea how much ground water we have left. We could have 6 months, 60 years, 600 years or 6000 years. We just don’t know. “And we can’t live without it. If the water runs out, there will be death on an unimaginable scale—aside, of course, for those who may be preparing for such a day (Redfern). Anne and Paul Ehrlich wrote an article asking the question “Can a Collapse of Global Civilization be Avoided?” With the disappearance of commodities such as water, oil, food and land coupled with global warming, their conclusion was that there will be a collapse. Here are some statistics: Early 19th C the population was 1 billion people 1930 the population was 2 billion people 1960–the population was 3 billion people 1975–the population was 4 billion people 1988–the population was 5 billion people 2000–the population was 6 billion people 2024–the earth my collapse and limiting a family to one child would not effect the population–2040–9 billion people By 2060 the oil will run out. The UN did a study and found that if fertility in major areas is kept constant at 1995 levels, the world population will soar to 256 billion by 2150. That’s 30 times higher than today. When did the plot to wipe us all out begin? December 10, 1974. On that day a document circled around the UN Security Council. The US saw overpopulation as a matter of national security. The document was written by Henry Kissinger, and in a racist fugue he targeted certain nations for depopulation. Some were India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, and many more. They were people obviously that didn’t have his skin color. Kissinger also noticed that where population growth was high, 3 problems also occurred: lack of enough water to sustain the population, a lack of food and limited supplies of fuel. And these factors would lead to the eventual collapse of the nation. Kissinger was afraid this spiraling meltdown would reach the US. Kissinger was afraid that if the US bought say–oil– from a collapsing state, the US would be forced into the chaos, so it became a matter of national security. So, overpopulation became an issue of national security–the military and intelligence services. “The UN’s Global Diversity Assessment stated: A reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American standard of living would be 1 billion people. At the more frugal European standard of living, 2 to 3 billion would be possible” (Redfern).

Be Not Afraid. Controlling, according to Redfern, means people must die sometimes. It’s called damage control, ensuring that the powerful and influential get their way. The people who met death all worked in specific fields: some in the area of advanced military technology, some in the area of lethal viruses and some in alternative health care. Certain people may have been murdered to make sure certain agendas run according to the rules. People can be wiped out in large numbers and on a fairly regular basis. We are going to see that. In the UK scientists working on highly classified defense programs have died under peculiar circumstances. Today I am going to name the many people who were tied to the British Ministry of Defense and who lost their lives in mysterious ways. A man named Robert Wilson worked at a defense contractor and in 1972 he found files from his company, Marconi, in his attic. He knew he didn’t put them there. A full investigation was launched. Later he was cleaning a loaded .45 with the barrel pointed toward his chest. The gun went off. He wasn’t hurt, but he was very confused that he would handle a gun like that. He was a member of a gun club. In May of 1973 his body was found in his garage. The car was running and the door was shut, so it was deemed an accidental death while working on his car. Right-says Redfern. Gerald Jack Darlow, who also worked at Marconi, died right after Wilson. There was a decade pause, and then the deaths came fast. Keith Bowden, who worked in defense programs, died in March 1982. Roger Hill, who worked for the MoD, died in March 1985, supposedly of suicide. A few weeks later Jonathan Wash died mysteriously. He was working for British Telecom and stumbled on the information indicating a large-scale eavesdropping operation to monitor the phone calls of the UK’s population. In 1986 the death rate took on extraordinary proportions (Redfern). In the summer Vimal Bhagvangi Dagibhai was killed by a fall. He also worked in classified programs for the MoD. Two months later, an expert in computers, Arshad Sharif was killed. He took his life in a way that suggested mind control. A very strange death was that of a doctor with a top-secret clearance with the MoD. In January 1087 he was found dead in his garage of CO poisoning. Again, the car was running and the door was shut. But the doctor, John Brittan, had a close call in December of 1986. He was driving on a busy highway and a voice kept telling him to cross the highway to the other side. The voice was so insistent that he did it, and ended up in the ditch on the other side. This sounds like mind control. Richard Pugh, a computer expert who had consulted for the MoD, also died in January 1987. Avtar Singh Gida worked for the MoD and disappeared from his home in Loughborough in 1987. He was thought to be another victim of the murderer. But he was found alive and very confused 4 months later in Paris, France. He had no idea how he ended up in Paris. Some reasoned that he had been strong enough to defy the subliminal urge to kill himself. Two others with ties to the MoD died of CO poisoning: Peter Peapell and David Skeels. A few weeks later, David Sands, who worked for a defense contractor, burned himself to death in his car. Next, Stuart Gooding, while driving his car, crossed the center line and ran head-on into a truck. Next, David Greenhalgh’s body was found at the foot of a high bridge in Berkshire. Next, Shani Warren, who had ties to the MoD, was found dead, but she was also gagged and tied up. Michael Baker’s death was seen as an auto accident, but he worked on sensitive projects tied to the MoD. A year later Trevor Knight, who worked in space-based weaponry for the MoD, died of CO poisoning. Redfern notices a pattern emerging. 1988 saw the deaths of Peter Ferry and Alistair Beckham. Both worked on classified programs with national security issues attached to them. They both electrocuted themselves. Then in 1991 Malcom Piddy died. He had top secret clearance and had worked for the government. His body was found in a canal near his home. Redfern said it was over, but later would start again– “and just about everywhere.”


Be Not Afraid. Redfern discusses the many ways the Controllers have of controlling us. Government agencies have exploited sex via mind control technologies. Sexual slavery may be the most egregious of these. There are those without conscience in the government, military and intelligence who use drugs and hypnosis to put people into zombie-like states which renders them highly cooperative. One such child, Candy Jones, when as a married woman, was hypnotized by her husband, told him about the torture and sexual abuse she had suffered while in one of the government programs (Redfern). Candy may have been a victim of Project Monarch. According to “Outpost of Freedom,” “Project Monarch is a DoD code name assigned to a subsection of the CIA’s Operation Artichoke, which later became MKULTRA and…is a genealogical approach to define transgenerational (via genetic psychology) behavioral modification through trauma based psychological mind control. Ron Patton of “Paranoia” magazine said: “…Nazi doctors were an invaluable asset toward the development of MKULTRA. The correlation between concentration camp experiments and the numerous sub-projects of MKUltra are clearly evident. The various avenues used to control human behavior under MKUltra included radiation, electro-shock,psychology, psychiatry, sociology, anthropology, harassment substances, paramilitary devices and materials, including LSD. Operation SPELLBINDER was set up to create “sleeper” assassins (i.e. Manchurian candidates) who could be activated upon receiving a key word or phrase while in a post-hypnotic trance. Monarch Mind Control (MMC) is a mind control technique that combines occult rituals, psychology and neuroscience to create an alter-ego within a desired subject. Within MMC the subject is referred to as “the slave.” The person applying the technique is “the handler.” Slaves are used by the elite to carry out rituals, performances and deliver messages, or anything that is in line with the desired outcome. We wouldn’t know any of this if Cathy O’Brien and her husband hadn’t written two books on her horrific experiences with MKULTRA. The titles are “Trance Foundation of America” and “Access Denied:For Reasons of National Security.”