Reptilians and Humans. White magicians saw that Atlantis was going to fall into the sea, so there were major migrations east to Egypt and west to the Americas. Underground colonies and undersea cities were created with the invention of the submarine. The Atlanteans brought with them advanced spirituality and science. To the primitive human populations , they were viewed as gods. After they left, the forces unleashed by the black magicians ignited dormant volcanoes. Aun Weor, author of “The Revelation of Beelzebub,” says certain dangerous igneous manifestations started to appear in Atlantis. This was because the use of sexual forces, when utilized for black magic, made the fire of dormant volcanoes enter into activity. The sexual forces have an intimate relationship with all the forces of nature because the sexual forces reside not only in our sexual organs, but also in all of our cells, and moreover, within each atom of the cosmos. The sexual force is the cause of electricity. The dormant volcanoes would become active because they were intimately related to the black magicians. But an even more dangerous activity was going on under the ground. The Reptilians were digging the foundation from the bottom of the continent. So they took their death ray and pointed it directly down to kill as many Reps as possible. The tectonic stresses were disastrous, and the earth’s axis tilted over, causing a ninety degree pole shift. Omar describes the catastrophe: huge holes opened up, swallowing entire cities; lava buried roads and towns; glaciers ground cities to powder and covered them; nuclear bombs disintegrated civilizations; 400 mph winds blew objects high into the sky only to send them back in body parts. The annihilation was so complete that mammoths, saber toothed tigers, bison and other animals became extinct. A nuclear winter set in and the smoke of a thousand erupting volcanoes and bombs hid the sun for decades and froze the surface. Those who remained on the surface in colonies died. Steve Omar says: “Gone were the planetary governments that had made all the decisions for a race that had ceased to think for itself. What was left in the ashes was global anarchy. Some believed that the Atlanteans had gambled with the “Creator” and lost. The devastation had few parallels in history. But it was fortunate for the newly created human race. Now they could evolve without hindrance from the ‘experts.’ It was a very good time for humans. They were starting to dominate the Galaxy and nobody was challenging them on Earth. There were a few Reps underground who showed no inclination to fight. And so the humans at last were able to enjoy peace and freedom. As Kasten said, a higher power was arranging things for the humans.

Urantia Book 117. The Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua bin Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. The apostles spent the weekend of the crucifixion and resurrection behind a locked door in the Upper Room. They were terrified, uncomfortable, and felt guilty for abandoning Jesus. With bars on the door they were afraid to be found and arrested; it was a terrible day. Thomas was off by himself being depressed; he would have been better with the others. John all day focused on the idea that Jesus had risen from the dead. He told of five different times when the Master said he would rise from the dead. And there were at least three times when Jesus said it would be the third day. John’s attitude influenced the others, but he would have had more influence had he been older. And they didn’t get much news because John Mark didn’t think to bring news from the groups to which Jesus appeared. So they were very isolated with their troubles. And David’s messengers were off spreading the news to believers in distant places. Peter all day vacillated between faith and doubt concerning the Master’s Resurrection. Around 8 pm he walked into the garden, needing some solitude. James Zebedee was in favor of doing something to resolve the mystery, but Nathaniel prevented them from going out and being arrested. Andrew was thankful that the Master had relieved him from his leadership role; he no longer wanted the responsibility. Nathaniel’s characteristic philosophic counsel was really the controlling influence among the ten throughout the day. Simon Zelotes was so crushed that he lay on a bed with his back to the room, said few words and even the idea of the resurrection did nothing to alleviate his disappointment. Philip, usually having little to say, reacted to the stress they were experiencing by talking non-stop, and wanted to know if Jesus appeared, would he bear the marks of the crucifixion? Matthew was worried about their future plans and finances. David had dropped the money bag in his lap and he didn’t know what to do with it. And he was worried because they had no leader. The Alpheus twins took no part in the discussions, but when asked, they just said that they didn’t understand about the resurrection, but their mother talked to Jesus and they believed her. Thomas just wanted to be by himself; he slept long and walked when he was awake. Jesus put off his appearance to the apostles because he wanted Thomas to be there for it. He wanted Peter to wrestle through some of his guilt and other difficulties before he manifested to them. Peter and John had to go to Bethphage and get Thomas; that is the reason they didn’t go to Galilee after Jesus once appeared to them; they wouldn’t go without Thomas (191.0.1-13).************************************ Around half past 8 pm Jesus made his eighth morontia appearance to Peter in the garden at the Mark’s place. Peter was thinking that he would go back in and tell his fellow apostles that “I believe he has risen from the dead.” As he said this Jesus appeared and gave him this message: “Peter, the enemy desired to have you, but I would not give you up. I knew it was not from the heart that you disowned me; therefore I forgave you before you asked; but now you must cease to think about yourself and the troubles of the hour while you prepare to carry the good news of the gospel to those who sit in darkness. No longer should you be concerned with what you may obtain from the kingdom but rather be exercised by what you can give to those who live in dire spiritual poverty. Gird yourself, Simon, for the battle of a new day, the struggle with spiritual darkness and the evil doubtings of the natural minds of men.” They talked a few minutes longer and then Jesus vanished, saying, “Farewell, Peter, until I see you with your brethren.” Afterward, Peter ran up to the others, his heart bursting and saying that he had been forgiven and that Jesus had appeared to him. They were all happy for him until Andrew cautioned them that Peter had seen things before and everyone knew he was referring to the time when Peter thought he saw Jesus walking on the water. Peter was hurt and lapsed into a disappointed silence. Jesus made a ninth morontia appearance to the apostles in the Upper Room with the door barred. He castigated them and then vanished. He said: “Why are you so frightened when I appear, as though you had seen a spirit? How long will you doubt my words and refuse to believe my promises. And now that you actually see me, will you believe? Even now one of you is absent. When you are gathered together once more, and when all of you are certain that the Son of Man has risen from the grave, then go into Galilee. Have faith in God; have faith in one another; and enter into the service of the kingdom of heaven. I will stay in Jerusalem until you are ready to go to Galilee. My peace I leave with you.” He vanished.

Reptilians and Humans. The Maldekians and Martians dispossessed the Reptilians from the Moon. The Martians settled in what is now Iraq and Kuwait. They were greeted as gods and built a great civilization there. The Moon-based Reptilians fled to the underground Reptilians on Earth. The humans could now develop and evolve without interference. The Reptilians were skillful at creating underground colonies. They built a 7 layer complex under the Indian subcontinent, where they established a capital city called Bhogovita. One main entrance was in Tibet. They created underground highways and tube trains that could travel very fast. Some roads were 200 miles below the surface. They were able to travel so fast that they could be anywhere on earth within a few hours. There are numerous places where their underground facilities can be entered, but they are usually at the backs of caves. It might explain why so many people go missing in rugged country like national parks. The famed underworld cities of Hyperborea and Shamballa may be thriving cities of the Reptilians and located on the inner side of the Earth’s crust.******************** The Reptilians plotted to take their planet back; in their mind they owned it. And they would make slaves of the Humans. They hated the Atlans for driving them underground, and they were full of revenge. The agreement they made at Hatona was worthless; they had no intention of honoring it. Later Adolf Hitler, their main protege, would display the same characteristic; he broke every agreement he ever made. But the Federation was not going to allow the Reptilians to wipe out the Humans in this Solar System like they did Lyra. Instead, the Reptilians would be confined to the underground. But that proved to be a mistake; they interfered with human history in every possible way and created a belief in evil. The Atlans settled on Atlantis about 300,000 years ago, giving their name to the continent. Lemuria was destroyed about 50,000 years ago. The Atlans were now free to create a utopian culture. The Humans of Lyra did not have a reptilian brain. We, according to Kasten, have 3 brains, one for emotions, one for thinking rationally, and the reptilian brain. I don’t think scientists count the reptilian as a brain; they say were are two-brained.*************************** An ambitious organization called MIND International sent agents in the 1970s all over the world in search of all the things, people, philosophies, events and subjects that were not included in history books in the US. Steve Omar was one of the agents and he found fascinating information about Atlantis;this was in the 70’s so this is well-known now. They paved their streets with gold; people lived to be a 1000 years old; science had wiped out all disease; they had advanced spaceships; the Indian Vaimanika Sastra details how the ships could turn to solar energy when fuel was low; how they are protected from storms. Atlanteans created a national work force of robots, androids and humanoids from genetic engineering to create and maintain most of the material/physical work, and computers controlled the robots and androids. They were on the verge of being totally work free. They wore Vril helmets during the night which would educate them while they slept. According to Omar, “With a thousand year life span to acquire knowledge, Atlanteans were aware and informed beyond our imaginations.”

Urantia Book 116. The Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua bin Joseph, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. Jesus made 19 separate appearances to his believers, the first to the five women at the tomb, the second to Mary Magdalene at the tomb. James, Jesus’ eldest brother, had been, like the rest of the family, skeptical of the life Jesus was living. But as James was standing by the tomb of Lazarus, he felt a soft touch on his shoulder. He looked at Jesus, but didn’t recognize him until he said: “James, I came to call you to the service of the kingdom. Join earnest hands with your brothers and follow me.” As he recognized Jesus, he fell on his knees and said: “My father and my brother.” James became the leader of the Jerusalem church and was one of the first martyrs. The fourth appearance of Jesus was in the home of Mary and Martha in Bethany, where there were 20 people gathered to wait for any messages. Jesus appeared at the back door and said: “Peace be upon you. Come, all of you, into the fellowship of the spirit of Truth in the Father’s kingdom.” And then he vanished. The fifth morontia appearance of Jesus was to 25 women believers assembled at the home of Joseph of Arimathea. Jesus said to them: “Peace be upon you. In the fellowship of the kingdom there shall be neither Jew nor gentile, rich nor poor, free nor bond, man nor woman. You are also called to publish the good news of the liberty of mankind through the gospel of sonship with God in the kingdom of heaven. Caiaphas called a meeting of the Sanhedrin. Fervently they made decisions like deciding to throw out of the synagogues anyone who mentioned Jesus’ resurrection. Anyone claiming to have seen Jesus would be put to death. This proposal did not come to a vote, though, because the meeting broke up in confusion and panic. “They had dared to think they were through with Jesus. They were about to discover that the real trouble with the man of Nazareth had just begun”(190.3.3). *********************** The Master made his sixth morontia appearance to forty Greek believers collected at the home of Flavius. He told them to spread the Gospel and then vanished. At this point Jerusalem is becoming excited. Jesus didn’t want to go to his apostles right away because he wanted to give them time to digest this resurrection and all its implications. He wanted them to be familiar with the idea. Also they would be full of anticipation when they finally saw him, which was not a bad thing. Jesus walked to Emmaus with two brothers, Cleopas and Jacob, who had been to Passover in Jerusalem. They didn’t recognize him although they knew him. They invited him in to eat and when Jesus said the blessing over the bread, they recognized his voice. As soon as they recognized him he vanished. The forgot about eating and hurried back to the apostles to tell them they had seen Jesus. That was the seventh appearance. It seems like everytime Jesus tells his friends and believers to go spread the Gospel, it is mostly about the kingdom of heaven and the fatherhood of God.

Reptilians. The Reptilians colonized Earth from the Moon. They built the Moon to their exact specifications; it was hollow, does not spin or rotate; its orbit is mechanically fixed; it is parked in space like a satellite and without a magnetic field. When viewed from Earth it is exactly the same size as the Sun. This made it possible to use the solar and lunar eclipses as timing devices. The dinosaurs were a food source for the Reptilians, so the Moon was essential for a piecemeal move from Draco to the Earth. They colonized the vast continent of Lemuria in the Pacific area of the Earth about one million years ago, and as the first race to settle the Earth, they considered it to be theirs. Humans didn’t arrive until thousands of years later. The human refugees from Mars and Maldek did live underground during this time, however. There was a human group called the Atlans which refused to join the Galactic Federation of Light and were troublesome. But they were also fierce and afraid of nobody. So they were the perfect group to send to Earth to challenge the Reptilians. They colonized Atlantis and built a civilization there. But they had conflicts with the Reps. The dinosaurs of the Reps would destroy the crops of the Atlans, so the Atlans would kill them. Thus followed conflicts, battles, wars. The long term goal of the Federation and the Atlans was to remove the Reps from the Solar System entirely. Meanwhile the Maldekians underground on Mars were having conflicts with the Martians sharing the space with them. So the Federation sent the Maldekians to Earth to fight the Reps. They settled on what now is the Gobi desert; then it was lush and green. The dinosaurs continued to be an issue so the Atlanteans used electromagnetic pulse weapons to kill them. The underground Martians also entered the fray and attacked the Reps on the Moon. But the confusion wasn’t really confusion. The Federation had been orchestrating the whole campaign. The Reptilians now were at a distinct disadvantage. They were light years from help on Draco, their food source was gone, these humans had bested them. They had high-tech weaponry and were motivated to fight to the death. They had to negotiate to survive.******* The Hatona Council was convened to reach a settlement. A new human would be created; it would have the DNA of all interested parties; the Reps, however, wanted it to have a Reptilian body. This did have the desired consequences, but the new person was more resilient and refused the encroachments of the Reps. The Reps planned to mind control them and they were apparently impervious to this also. The location of this breeding program was the same place all the stories talk about: between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. There were 13 contributors, and they all tried to make their DNA dominant. A group from the Collective known as the “Elohim” or gods were put in charge of this program. The human method of reproduction was chosen over the Reptilian, which lay eggs. This is described in Chapter 1 of Genesis, of course and contradicted by Chapter 2. Now we know the story of the Moon.

Urantia Book 115. The Life and Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, Joshua bin Joseph, Yeshua, Christ Michael, Sovereign God of Nebadon. The apostles refused to believe in the resurrection unless they were confronted with unimpeachable evidence and the absolute proof of their own experiences. Shortly after 6 pm the daughter of Joseph of Arimathea and the four women who had seen Jesus at the tomb went over to the home of Nicodemus, where they related all these happenings to Joseph, Nicodemus, David Zebedee and the other men. Nicodemus and the others doubted their story, doubted that Jesus had risen from the dead; they reasoned that the Jews had removed the body. Joseph and David were disposed to believe the report, so much so that they hurried out to inspect the tomb, and they found everything just as the women had described. The captain of the temple guards came at half past 7 pm and removed the grave cloths, and he threw them over a nearby cliff. Only John Zebedee was disposed to believe, even faintly, that Jesus was risen from the dead. Peter had believed at first, but, when he failed to find the Master, fell into grave doubting. They all tended to believe that the Jews had removed the body. David would not argue with them, but when he left, he said: “You are the apostles, and you ought to understand these things. I will not contend with you; nevertheless I now go back to the home of Nicodemus, where I will meet with my messengers, and when they have gathered I will send them forward on their last mission, as heralds of the Master’s resurrection. I heard the Master say that, after his death, he would rise on the third day, and I believe him.” It was half past 9 am when David’s 26 messengers arrived at the home of Nicodemus. David assembled them in the courtyard and addressed them thus: “I am about to send you on your last mission as volunteer messengers of the kingdom, and in so doing, I release you from your oaths and thereby disband the messenger corps. Jesus has risen from the dead. He told us he would die and rise again on the third day. I have talked with Mary Magdalene and the other women who have seen Jesus, and he is alive. I send you out and the message you shall bear to believers is ‘Jesus has risen from the dead; the tomb is empty.'” The majority of those present begged David not to do this, but they had no success.Then they tried to convince the messengers not to go into the world with this message, but they refused to listen, being very loyal to David. They didn’t know if Jesus rose from the dead, but they would do this for David. After the messengers departed, David and his mother went to Bethany to be with the family of Jesus. Mary and Martha disposed of their possessions and went to Philadelphia to join their brother, Lazarus. John Zebedee took Mary, the mother of Jesus, into his home at Bethsaida. James, Jesus’ eldest brother, remained with his family in Jerusalem. David Zebedee married Ruth, Jesus’ youngest sister (190.1.1-10).

Reptilians. The spaceships of the Reptilians were spherical and some, like the Queen’s, were as large as a planet. Inside of the ship was a large city with thousands of reptilians, plenty of room for various drives needed for different types of space travel, and room for hundreds of fighter and scout ships. The outside of the upper hemisphere had been quartered so that cannons and cameras could watch the planets below. If there was a rebellion on a planet, the Queen’s cannons could destroy an entire planet. It looked like an eye to the people on the planets below so when the Queen’s ship appeared, they cried “Aye, Aye, Aye.” All the amazing technology the Reptilians possessed we now possess today. There is a 2015 film called “Eye in the Sky” in which an British Air Force colonel who directs attacks by drones. Because of powerful telescopes mounted on the drone, he can see the faces of the people on the ground. He hesitates because he sees that a small girl is too close to the target and will be killed. But his boss pushes him on and a Hellfire missile from the drone kills the man and the girl. The message of this movie comes straight from Illuminati movie executives. Someone walking down a crowded street can be identified by his or her face and assassinated by a laser shot from an unseen drone high up in the atmosphere and the kill button can be pushed by someone half a world away. The Aye of the Queen of the Reptilians has become the Eye in the sky of the drone technology.********************** Humans have occupied the Lyran star system for 40 million years. They are peaceful and are mostly agricultural. One day Reptilians from Alpha Draconis disembarked from a shuttle onto the planet Bila. There was a misunderstanding between the two species (the Dracos wanted to take over the planet), and war erupted. The Draconians destroyed three out of 14 planets in the system of Lyra, and over 50 million human Lyrans were killed. It is at this point in history that Draconians began to think of humans as a food source. The Lyrans fled to other planets. They evolved technologically. They formed alliances. A very strong social community developed between and among all in the Lyra system. This community became the Galactic Federation of Light.********************************** The Lyran refugees came to our Solar System and colonized two planets, Mars and Maldek. Maldek was perfect for human habitation, but Earth was second from the sun and all water. Mars was also ideal, with oceans and was third from the sun. So the refugees settled on Mars and Maldek and lived peacefully for millions of years. But trouble arrived in the form of a Reptilian ice comet, which collided with Maldek, destroying it and killing most of its people. The asteroid belt was formed from the fragments and rocks of Maldek. It also destroyed the people on the surface of Mars, although some went underground. Then the author says that calling it a comet is misleading because it is really a planet. It became the planet Venus. Given a second look, could a comet destroy a planet millions of times larger than it self? Could it vaporize everything on the surface of a planet, including all the oceans? It also forced the huge planet Uranus to tip over onto its side and orbit the sun in that peculiar position. Venus is probably the answer. But there is also Zecharia Sitchen’s research, which tells us that Niburu/Marduk comes into the Solar System on a 3600 year cycle and that it destroyed a planet named Tiamat. There are several references to this in the Bible. It’s called the 12th Planet and Sitchen’s first book has that title. I recommend it.