Confusion on Urantia

I used this title because there is a specific reason our world is so screwed up, with its wars, bombings, racism, school shootings, pervasive mental problems and other diseases, and the breakdown of American society and culture. The problems are too numerous to be mentioned here. The cause of our massive and pervasive dysfunction is the fact that our Planet Prince, instead of taking care of the planet and its people, chose to join Lucifer in his rebellion. His assistant, Daligastia did likewise. Social evolution and spiritual development had little chance to gain a foothold on Urantia.

Satan went to Caligasia on a routine inspection tour and informed him of Lucifer’s proposed “Declaration of Liberty,” and the Planet Prince decided to betray the people of Urantia and join Satan and Lucifer. His restlessness was immediately satisfied. A Planet Prince, whose work is deemed most sacred in the universe, assumes responsibility for the welfare and guidance of the evolving mortals on a newly inhabited world. Abandoning the people of Urantia was the lowest form of evil.

There are many ways of defining ‘sin,’but from the universe philosophical viewpoint sin is the attitude of a personality who is knowingly resisting cosmic reality. Sin is a purposeful resistance to divine reality–a conscious choosing to oppose spiritual progress–while iniquity consists in an open and persistent defiance of recognized reality and signifies such a degree of personality disintegration as to border on cosmic insanity.

Caligastia began by gathering his staff and proclaimed himself absolute sovereign, and telling all administrators to abdicate and putting their authority in the hands of Daligastia. Of course the staff appealed to Lucifer, but he told them to obey the Planet Prince. Daligastia formally proclaimed Caligastia “God of Urantia and supreme over all.” Many superhuman groups and seraphim chanced to be on Urantia at this time and were stuck there and forced to choose between sin and righteousness–between the ways of Lucifer and the will of the unseen Father. This struggle continued for seven years; until all the personalities on Urantia made their choice.

There is anothe reason that Urantia is not like other planets and is dyfunctional. Early tribes on other planets get rid of the misfits, the weak, the diseased, the handicapped, and thus do not have the problems that we have. The Planet Prince probably has this job on his agenda. Doing this early among the tribes is the best way to do it. It is impossible after the growth of civilization. In the section about the life and teachings of Jesus, Jesus walks by a man sitting on the ground and someone asked why he didn’t greet him and Jesus iindicated that he was unfit in some way, maybe low IQ, so Jesus wouldn’t speak to him. It seems that Jesus endorses this practice of weeding out the unfit.

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