The History of Urantia

5,000,000,000 years ago our sun was an isolated, but blazing sphere, which was drawing material to itself. The sun contracted and had a gradual increase in temperature which led to violent convulsions on its surface. This was the origin of Monmatia, the name of our solar system. Less than 1% of solar systems have this type of origin. 4.5 billion years ago the enormous Angona system began its approach to the region of our sun. At the center of this huge system was a black giant of space, solid, highly charged and possessing tremendous gravity pull. The gravity of this system would cause the sun to eject tongues, streams of gaseous material out into space. The material in the tongues of fire would break off and become meteors of the solar system, which immediately started to revolve around the sun. As the Angona system got closer to the sun, they both disgorged tongues of fire and matter, which met and produced a long column pointed at both ends and bulging in the center. From the odd space formation came the solar system of 12 planets.

The five inner and five outer planets soon formed in miniature from the cooling and condensing nucleuae in the less massive and tapering ends of the gigantic gravity bulge, while Saturn and Jupiter were formed from the more massive central portions. The powerful gravity pull of these planets early captured much of the material from Angona, as the retrograde motion of certain of their satellites bears witness. These two planets were so gaseous that they glowed like suns. They still are too gaseous to be inhabited (for humans). Saturn’s rings can be settled, which ETs do, but I don’t know whether they build facilities or live in a mother ship.

The planets do not revolve around the sun in the plane of their solar mother, which they would do if they were spun off by solar revolution. Rather, they travel in the plane of the Angona solar extrusion, which was at an angle to the plane of the sun’s equator. Something happened which is hard to explain. Apparently, Angona threw off 3 “tributaries” the orbits of which were retrograde or opposite to the planets, which would be very disruptive. They are just called “foreign space bodies.” The narrator says that the moon is drawing closer to the earth, which is true. It’s a little scary to me. But if it’s being driven by ETs, maybe they can put the brakes on. Hope so!

The Narrator continues: And then, in that far distant future when the moon approaches to within 11,000 miles of the earth, the gravity action of the latter will cause the moon to disrupt, and this tidal-gravity explosion will shatter the moon into small particles, which will assemble about the world as rings of matter resembling those of Saturn or may be drawn into the earth as meteors.” 3 billion years ago our solar system was placed on the physical registry of Nebadon and given its name, Monmatia.

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