The History of Urantia

The Andronover nebula gradually assumed the form of a spiral. These secondary space nebulae are usually observed as spiral phenomena. Gravity control at the center weakened and gas escaped, allowing two gigantic and distinct arms to take origin on opposite sides of the mother mass. The increasing rate of whirling of the mother mass caused sons to be thrown off hither and yon. The energy wheel grew and grew until it gained its maximum of expansion, and then when contraction set in, the critical centrifugal stage was reached and the great breakup began.

500,000,000,000 years ago young suns became spherical and became the stars of space. The vast majority of Orvonton suns have had a similar birth. 400,000,000,000 years ago the mother wheel contracted and recaptured the nearby and smaller suns. This was the terminal phase of nebular condensation, which always precedes the final segregation of these immense aggregations of energy and matter.

A million years subsequent to this epoch Michael of Nebadon, a Creator Son of Paradise, selected this disintegrating nebula as the site in which to build his universe. Almost immediately, the architectural worlds of Salvinton and the 100 constellation headquarters groups of planets were begun. It took almost 1,000.000 years to complete these clusters of specially created worlds. The local system headquarters planets took from that time until about five billion years ago.

300,000,000,000 years ago the Andronover solar circuits were well established, and the nebular system was going through a period of relative stability. The staff of Michael arrived on Salvington and the Uversa government of Orvonton extended physical recognition to the local universe of Nebadon. There are many more stages: the nebula created 876,926 sun systems; 6,000,000,000 years ago our sun was born; it’s number is 1,013,572.

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