Galactic Federations, Councils and Secret Space Programs, by Dr. Michael Salla

Thor Han described a group called the Nine Elders (Nine Gods or Nine Prophets). They don’t live in any one dimension or universe; they live outside where space/time is uncreated. This nonplace is called the Void or Sanctuary, but to me they are not the same at all. ‘If you stare long enough into the Void, the Void will stare back at you.’ I stared too long into the Void, terrified myself, and was rescued by God. Anyway, these Nine are the first children of Source and higher up the food chain than archangels, which is not all that high. The Nine don’t need a ship to move; their minds can connect anywhere. They can instantly teleport and materialize in a biological body related to the species they visit. They are above almost everything.

Thor Han next mentions the Intergalactic Super Confederation, which other ETs call “Do-the Guardians” because that’s what they do. They help and protect troubled planets. One of Salla’s sources told him that two ET groups were going to be very active on our planet, Earth. “They’re gonna make their presence known…and help out with the disclosure.” They “are working with us through frequencies and in our dream states…to help clean up the planet” (James Gilliland-34 years of ET contact).

William Shatner and Gene Roddenberry of Star Trek fame were among the convoy of Earth nations to go to Ganymede and welcome the ETs’ arrival. One of Salla’s sources met the Nine. At first they were in a glittering opalescent haze; they were tall slim silhouettes. She said that they were “plasma supra consciousness beings…that had no form.” But they changed. A being emerged that was elegant and 9 feet tall; he had green skin and wore no clothes. He had beautiful slanted eyes, with sparkling purple and garnet colors.

The Law of One is a book based on channeled information from ETs. Information isn’t the right word, because it is ET philosophy, a belief system. The Nine told the Law of One channel that they lived in the eighth dimension of Saturn, in the rings. This is a contradiction of Salla’s previous statement. The Nine, through channelers, “enticed Gene Roddenberry…to create a popular series that would affect deeply and powerfully the consciousness of Humanity on Earth for generations to come….Star Trek echoed an existing future reality by quantum resonance” (It was a bridge to the future). The “success of the Star Trek series was therefor attributed to humanity’s collective unconscious recognizing it as a potential timeline that needed to be embraced for it to manifest into reality.

It seems that Humanity must manifest a positive destiny amid an undeclared “Temporal War” in which negative ETs tried to manipulate Humanity to bring about a galactic tyranny 350 years in the future. The result was a wide ranging Temporal War in which off-world groups were heavily impacting humanity’s potential timelines. The Galactic Federation intervened and put a decisive end to this. Our future reality, Salla says, “is going to happen far more quickly than anyone anticipated.”

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