Endgame: Agenda 21

Coleman says that telling the truth has always been a crime in fascist and totalitarian regimes. I think it is hard to tell the truth in this country. It seems that Coleman does know something about this country after-all. He launches into a tirade about all the crazy things that happened in 2020. He says, “in America you can be sent to prison for a year if you fail to cover your nose and mouth…in another part of America there is a 2,000 dollar fine but no prison sentence…in Texas people are told to wear masks in their own homes…in a shop a cop drew a gun on a man who was not wearing a mask…in California people have been phoning the police if they hear someone coughing or sneezing.” All this tells is that paranoia was running very high in the early months of 2020. His conclusion is that we have a mass surveillance system, but he means the people are spying on each other, and I doubt that.

The futurists of Agenda 21 think we will be using “green” energy like wind, solar, biofuel, electric cars. They are discouraging any more digging or drilling. Now here’s the problem: huge amounts fossil fuel is needed to build solar farms, wind farms, electric car batteries. And Building and running a wind farm will take more energy than it will produce. In physics there is a law called over unity. A machine must give out more energy than it takes to run it, and so far only free energy does that. But free energy is kept from the public, although I’ve heard that an electricity company uses it. And solar is useless when the sun isn’t out, which is the case in much of the North. Biofuel, according to Coleman, is not a solution because it takes food from starving people. There is biomass, which is the fashionable and acceptable name for wood. The wood is burned to produce electricity. Biomass is counted as a renewable energy even though it takes vast amounts of diesel fuel to get from the US over the ocean in diesel-run ships and again in trucks to the electricity power station. The carbon footprint produced from burning biofuel is massive.

Animals will be eradicated in the Global Reset. No family will have pets. There will be no cows to butcher and eat because we will be eating mystery meat. The only animals will be in the wilderness where we can’t go. The UN has some bug up its *** about human diseases coming from animals, so there’s the rationale behind that rule. There will be no private property (except for King Charles III of course). And, according to Coleman, they’ve already started their 5 point plan to bankrupt us all. And then he starts going on about a stock market crash in 2020, which i fortunately don’t remember. They’ve lowered the interest rates-yes. now they might lower them so far into negative territory that you’ll owe on your savings! Coleman says. “The people controlling the system are not inept or incompetent. They are deceitful, devious and far more wicked than any of us have ever come across.” When he was practicing medicine, he examined and interviewed murderers, and none of them were as evil as the politicians, scientists and doctors that are bent on destroying everything we value.

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