Endgame: Agenda 21

Coleman describes a disaster in Africa of “unimaginable proportions.” And it was a man-made disaster which could have been prevented. The UN was advised by “experts” who only got their expertise from “mathematical modeling with computers that there would be 1.2 cases and 3.3 million deaths from a new virus. African leaders told their people to stay indoors and follow directions. Cases of malaria and tuberculosis went undiagnosed and untreated, and now both are spreading and killing millions. Maternal and infant mortality are soaring. 10% of Africa’s population will descend into extreme poverty (Coleman). One might wonder, as Coleman does, if this is really an accident or a depopulation attempt.

We must remember that the officials running Agenda 21 were not elected-they are busy-bodies seeking to run other peoples’ lives. They are determined on creating a global technocracy and introducing what they call the Global Reset-a crude form of social engineering designed to manipulate and ‘own’ every citizen on earth. The world we know now is just a taste of what we can expect in the future (Coleman).

The aim of those following Agenda 21 is to create their own version of a Utopia, with a guaranteed income for every citizen and a system of reward, punishment and control modelled on China’s social credit system. Global warming is the excuse. Once the Global Reset has been completed, citizens will be monitored. Those who behave well will be rewarded. Those who fail to comply with the orders they have been given will be punished and excluded from much of society. Agenda 21 is organised, legalised corruption (Coleman).

The plan is to remove all signs of human dignity; with every piece of dignity disappearing too slowly for most people to notice. The people who have planned this coup rely on the mass of people being too busy, too distracted, too complacent, too lazy and too fearful to realise what is happening. And the planners know that anyone who speaks up will be demonised and dismissed as a conspiracy nut. Our behavior will be controlled in minute detail and we will be forced to be dependent on the State. 2020 was just a rehearsal: lockdowns, orders from everywhere, diseases decimating populations, neglect of the elderly, personal oppression. Coming will be tyranny on a scale never known before.

According to Coleman, the fact that “everything strange, bad, restricting and destructive that has happened in the last three decades is a result of Agenda 21.” All of those things which happened, but which seemed “wrong, inexplicable, damaging, unnatural and unreal were a result of Agenda 21.” Crucial decisions were made by unelected (who?) in the UN, the EU, the World Economic Forum or by huge, powerful NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations), and by regional parliaments, none of whom were elected. Coleman says our lives have steadily deteriorated for the last three decades (let’s see-three decades would span the time from 1992 to 2022, but Coleman didn’t write the book recently. Maybe the span would be 1970 to 2000. But the last two decades have seen our social contract fragment. You only have to think of January 6 to realise that. Our civil discourse is abominable: TV is a wasteland; I haven’t turned on mine for months. All my media is through books and my computer (OK, I do read my cell phone, but I don’t have time to access the educational how to’s on YouTube). Coleman says health care has deterorated. He means in England, where they discriminate against the elderly. Health care in the US is actually alright if you can afford it or get it from your employer. Don’t forget ObamaCare! The poor are served by Medicaid. But there is something very sinister corrupting our society, and that is the controversy over “Which gender am I going to be today?” The insisting on teaching lesbianism to children is a liberal cause and I’m a liberal, but at some things I draw a line; I draw a line when I see nonsense. But the campaigns demanding more rights for gays and transgenders is taking the air out of the culture we think of as America. The controversy of male turned female, then beating women in sports makes this an upside/down further threat to the fabric that hangs delicately over our country. Whether it can stretch anymore is questionable because the label homophobic or transphobic are so easily applied.

Kindness and dignity are the main currencies of value in private life, and honesty, trust and honor are the only currencies of value in public life. According to Coleman, these qualities have been steadily devalued and in the last few months they have been “shot, knifed, stamped on, kicked, spat on, shredded and attacked with brutal disregard for sensibility, He has stimulated a thought: I’m thinking of all the white cops who shoot black men. A shooting will take place in one part of the country, and you think: now maybe the cops will learn their lesson and think before they act. But NO, THE VERY NEXT NIGHT THERE IS ANOTHER WHITE COP SHOOTING OF A BLACK MAN. TWO NIGHTS LATER, ANOTHER! As far as I’m concerned this macho police attitude must go away. It is contributing to the fragmentation of our culture. One wonders how any African American is patient enough to overcome the annoyances to rise above the masses.

Simply speaking, we must put a stop Agenda 21.

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