Endgame: Agenda 21

Coleman talks about proving that global warming isn’t a threat. It’s impossible. So those promoting Agenda 21 and global warming are holding all the cards. He says, “The UN’s Agenda 21 is a huge document, but the big giveaway is, perhaps, this statement: ‘The precautionary principle states that if an action or policy has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public or to the environment, in the absence of scientific consensus that the action or policy is harmful, the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on those taking the action.'” The EU’s lawmaking works this way. This is how it defends its claim that global warming is dangerous. Nobody can prove it isn’t dangerous. Nobody can prove a negative.

Next Coleman claims that people become vegan because “They don’t want us eating animals.” We will supposedly be eating imitation meat in the dystopian future planned for us. But people become vegan for all sorts of reasons, none of them having any connection to Agenda 21. It’s a private choice. But this might be taking place in England. He reports that there are towns in which beautiful old houses are torn down to make way for cheezy boxes and soon every town looks the same, “like hotel chains.” This must be happening in England, and it’s a shame, because I’ve read of cozy little cottages and stately manors. I hope this England isn’t being torn down. If it is, I hope ‘They’ all go to prison.

Coleman decries the loss of privacy. I believe that London is famous for its number of traffic cams. We have actually participated in our loss of privacy by using social media and knowing our phone conversations were being recorded. Coleman: “We are tracked, traced and tested. We zoom in and out of each other’s homes…the NSA can monitor tens of millions of phone calls every second. If they can do it, they will.” He maintains that if “they” know everything about you, your life isn’t your own anymore. I don’t agree with that statement. I don’t fret about this lack of privacy. I have NortonLifelock protecting my computer, but I don’t have anti-tracking, and there are several parties tracking me right now, according to Norton. It would cost me $50.00 to get anti-tracking and I’m not ready and I don’t fret about it.

But I had some odd experiences when I first started blogging. My subject matter then was very controversial. I was digging up secrets everywhere, about who really runs the world, child sacrificers, child traffickers, the illegal doings of celebs, the Reptilians who run the Illuminati, and I’ve forgotten most of it. Anyway, odd things were happening on my computer that made me feel that I might have interference. First, I would lose all my text for no reason at all (I didn’t delete it). This happened several times. Second, I would get a series of numbers in my text 5 or 6 times in a blog. Third, I would write a list, but the published version would have it all squashed together. Fourth, there were constant problems with the website itself. I still don’t have a spell check. The blog I did next was about the life of Jesus from the Urantia Book, and things changed. There was no interference. No interference at all. What a relief!

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