Endgame: Agenda 21

Coleman declares there are things happening in the US that are not happening. He lives in England and they may be happening there. Politicians in the US don’t put Agenda 21 on their campaign platforms when they run for office. There was outrage when it was found that the NSA was recording our every keystroke and cell conversation, but the hackers took care of that crisis by exposing the truth. The truth turned out to be less dramatic than the wild speculations and there was a collective shrug of the shoulders. Coleman talks like the Smart roads and Smart cities have already been built in the US. He’s really talking about the UK. I haven’t heard of any controversies about Smart cities in this country, but we still have a lot to worry about, chemtrails that are falling onto our bodies and bringing in toxic substances. I read that a doctor detoxifies boys because boys play outside more than girls do. In England apparently rural people are being forced into the cities, and Coleman assumes it is happening here. But our country is wall to wall farms as I observed from a passenger jet flying over the country. Coleman says that wolves were introduced into the Yellowstone area by Agenda 21 in order to kill livestock and push ranchers into cities. This is not at all true. Wolves were introduced because of a conservation effort to save the species. They were not introduced in an area near livestock.

Coleman says we are discouraged from buying cars by bike lanes, higher taxes on car purchases and jacked up gasoline prices. This must be true in England. In this country we love our cars and the reverse is true: we are always buying cars, being sold cars and taking care of cars. Coleman says in England there are Smart roadways that cause accidents and traffic jams. Coleman says civil and legal rights will disappear. We already have a bad situation because of 9/11 and the Patriot Act. We can be arrested as a terrorist for a variety of small and large crimes, and if that happens, our legal rights are out the window.

Coleman says that planning departments all over the world have been given identical blueprints for legislation so the requirements of Agenda 21 can be met. If money doesn’t come with it, I am not going to worry about it. In England new supermarkets and shops are built with residential flats built above. Many Agenda 21 apartments remain empty and the shops are not doing well. Street lights are turned off, sidewalks are scruffy, potholes have potholes; there are few bus services, services for the elderly or disabled are either non-existent or priced out of reach. Local hospitals are closing. This describes a community in which Agenda 21 has been implemented. Here is one definition of Agenda 21: An action plan concerning sustainable development, but it is non-binding. Agenda 21 has never been debated or adopted by the US Congress, but it is being vigorously implemented by the administrative agencies of the federal government, and by other nations around the world. There is a committee consisting of China, South Korea, Mali, Senegal and several other small countries.

There is an Agenda 2030, which is concerned with ending poverty and hunger, realizing the rights of all and achieving gender equality. Sustainable development is the core concept of Agenda 21. It means: the present meets its needs without jeopardizing the ability of the future to meet its needs. It is called Agenda 21 because the target date back in the 90s was the 21st Century. Agenda 21 highlights the need to eradicate poverty. One of the major problems facing poorer nations is their lack of resources and their inability to live sustainably. Developed nations have taken on the responsibility of assisting poor nations to reduce their environmental impacts and achieve sustainable development.

There are conspiracy theories around Agenda 21 (Wikipedia). Those on the right said it was a plot disguised as an environmental movement, to end individual freedom and establish a one world government.Activists believed it was the “linchpin” in a plot to subjugate humanity under an eco-totalitarian regime. Some thought it was a plot to deny property rights, a conspiracy to cut the population by 85%. Some said it would lead to a “police state.”

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