Endgame: Agenda 21

There was no doubt at all that the promoters of Agenda 21 wanted our bodies, our minds and our souls. And they wanted a good many of us dead (Coleman). Here are the plans of Agenda 21: First of all, all that is happening today was planned decades ago. Conflicts involving transgender rights and black lives matter were designed to erase our culture, cause chaos and confusion, and to spread dissent and divide the population. The idea of bicycle lanes to frustrate drivers was created decades ago-they are also a sign of what is coming. Cars and trucks will be things of the past. Regionalisation will be a step toward globalisation. The European Union is an example of regionalisation, and became a cheerleader for Agenda 21 years ago. The phrase ‘new normal’ was invented to describe the EU’s complacency.

There will be no independent nations, no nationalities, no flags signifying national pride. We will be living in small, stuffy, badly built tower apartments. The EU pays landowners not to grow food crops on their land. This is part of the effort to force the people to eat factory made food. Bill Gates is invested in vaccines, he controls the World Health Organisation (WHO), and dictates global food policy, having invested in a company that makes fake meat. Our meals will be boring and disgusting. The internet is controlled by a few billionaires. 80% of searches use one search engine. Data mining will be the only profitable industry on earth. There will be no privacy. There is no privacy now. I am in a vast health provider group which is even larger since its tied to my insurance company. It seems that everyone now knows my health history. Closure of departments in hospitals in 2020 caused many deaths and was part of the Plan. Gov. Cuomo put infected patients into nursing homes. I wonder if this was part of the Plan. Also, closure of farms leads to consequences somewhere else in the world. This was planned decades in the past.

Billionaires need to get rid of billions of people. So far nothing they’ve tried has worked. They mostly try to starve them to death. It must frustrate them to see charitable organisations step up and fill the need. The media lies to citizens and will continue to lie, promoting the Agenda. ALL of this is built on the false threat of global warming. If you question the Agenda’s scientific basis for global warming, you will be brushed off as a conspiracy nut. The real conspiracy is that leading to a World Government and a World Church (Coleman). The World Church, I believe, will be demonic. According to Coleman, “This is the most evil, most carefully planned, most deadly conspiracy in human history. A senior official at the United Nations has talked of a Luciferian initiation. The plan is wicked beyond belief.”

It is as plain as daylight that there are attempts to destroy America. Take immigration, for example-Joe Biden has let all kinds of people cross the Southern border. This will dilute American culture, cause more crime, cause a burden on our social services like Medicaid, and the schools will be overwhelmed with students who need instruction in 2 or more languages. And we know the people are not all Hispanics. Some are coming from Asia, Cuba, South America, etc. I’ve heard that there are Chinese troops just below the border and at the border with Canada. What are they doing? Are they planning to invade? Do they want a land war? They should be watching Putin’s struggles. It’s not easy to take over a country, and most Americans are armed (or should be). There are other signs that there is an effort to destroy America. There are insurrectionists in the background encouraging everything from school shootings to cop brutality. Things are not as they seem. Think about that. No situation is what it appears to be. Don’t believe the media when they put out a story because they lie by trade.

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