Agenda 21

According to Coleman there was much talk of less spending and smaller houses. Remember those vast suburbs filled with small houses that all looked alike? My relatives lived in one such house and they eventually moved out and into an older house with character, a real house. Coleman says that biofuels were made out of food and millions starved to death. I’ve only heard of ethanol made out of corn and I’ve never heard of millions starving because of a lack of corn. I wish he would have explained further. Banks were deregulated in Reagan’s administration and it was very hard on people. The banks were hard on the economy, and, as usual, the rich got richer. Vaccination programs were forced on citizens, while the dangers were suppressed. A child cannot enter school without having been innoculated from a host of diseases, and they keep adding to those threatening illnesses. The dangers of such vaccinations are suppressed. Some parents refuse to let their kids be vaccinated, but in the long run it is a danger to other people-they are like a bomb ready to explode. And they are depending on the people who are vaccinated to keep them free of disease. The dangers of cell phones were suppressed, and genetically modified food was approved with no proper testing. I bought blueberries that looked big and luscious, but turned out to have thick skin and tasteless insides. They were obviously GMO, but there was no label informing the consumer of this fact.

As mentioned the UN unveiled Agenda 21 at that conference in Brazil in 1991, and two delegates didn’t like the plan. Pratap Chatterjee and Matthias Finger predicted that the plan would be “destructive to the environment, the planet and the people.” And said, ” the rich will get richer, the poor, poorer, while more and more of the planet is destroyed in the process.” And Coleman agrees, saying, “That is exactly what is happening.”

So, when we were trained to recycle, we weren’t told that our carefully washed and sorted plastic and metal cups and cans would be burnt, buried or dumped in the rivers and oceans. At last the UN could move toward a world government, get rid of democracy, because the would-be rulers just knew democracy gave the people too much power.

And thus began the nightmare (Coleman). He describes human, at least American, society before Agenda 21. He says we’ve always had chaos, especially chaos in political life. Many times we have voted for the wrong candidate. This happens in other countries, also. But this chaos was our chaos-it happened all the time and we could deal with it. There is existential chaos-this is a matter of growing up. But what happened as a result of Agenda 21 was quite different; it was an end to democracy, freedom and humanity. The UN wanted its evil clutches on every aspect of our lives.

Prominent environmentalists were given money and power, and if anyone questioned the science of global warming, they were demonized. King Charles III promoted the new world order, which is peculiar for a monarch ( will they let him keep his title, money and power?). The Agenda 21 plan included an end to national sovereignty, suppression of travel, increasing the role of the State in raising children, an end to private property and the breaking down of the family unit (Coleman).

Education would no longer be an intellectual pursuit; students would be taught just enough to qualify for a profession or trained for a job. Local governments were dragged into this charade. “Local Goverments for Sustainability” and “Common Purpose” were set up to ensure that protocols were followed as closely as possible. “And most terrifying of all,” says Coleman, “there was a plan to reduce the world’s population-not with a few million here and a few million there, but by billions. The plan was to reduce the population by 75% or more!!!” The creepy Georgia Guidestones appeared seemingly from nowhere in Elbert County, Georgia around 1980. They have 10 instructions on them in 8 languages. They call for the world’s population to be reduced to under 500 million. That means that 7 billion people would have to disappear from the face of the earth.

A strange man commissioned the building of the Guidestones. They are 4 granite slabs set up like Stonehenge to mark celestial events. One of the instructions is to have a one world government, so some people think the monument is Satanic. It was bombed this year 2022, and the fragments were hidden because it had become controversial.

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