Agenda 21 How Did We Get Here?

According to Coleman a coup has taken place and the world is ruled by criminals-self-serving criminals who have secretly slipped into powerful positions without being elected. They now control governments, banks, global organizations and, of course, the United Nations. And, he says, everything that has happened since the end of WWII to the present has been deliberate. Even the chaotic response to Covid 19 was deliberate because nobody could be as incompetent as the ones who handled the pandemic. Remember how Andrew Cuomo was a hero until it was revealed that he had put Covid patients into nursing homes among the most vunerable populations. “And it is certainly inconceivable to think that politicians, administrators and advisors around the world could all be making the same mistakes. They put all of us under house arrest and discovered that it was worse than the pandemic itself.

One could say that these would-be rulers are sociopaths or egomaniacs. Their sanity is in doubt, but the primitive urge to control the world and rule the people is really about power and money. The would-be rulers who want to control every aspect of your life won’t admit to it, of course. Putin did admit he wanted control of Ukraine, but I’m sure he’s regretting it by now. In fact his experience is a good example of how difficult it will be to rule the world. Coleman says these madmen have wanted a world government for centuries; running it themselves, of course. They have been like a wolf in sheeps clothing, covering their wicked plans, pretending to make the world a better place, to lift those less fortunate than themselves. That describes Bill Gates with every (i) dotted.

There is a document called the Report from Iron Mountain. Iron Mountain is a huge underground bomb shelter located in Maryland. JFK sent a group of his officials there to work out a plan for the future. Actually, Coleman doesn’t say what subject they were to report on, I’m guessing. Their Report stated that war was necessary as an economic stabilizer and an organizing force. War must stay until there is something to put in its place. Without the possibility of war, a government cannot stay in power. The Kennedy administration think-tank concluded: “a possible surrogate for the control of potential enemies of societies is the reintroduction, in a form consistent with modern technology and political process, of slavery. The development of a sophisticated form of slavery may be an absolute prerequisite for social control in a world at peace. Coleman didn’t say this, but Kennedy was furious when he read the Report. It was hidden away and only came to light years later.

In 1976 the UN decided it was time to act on its new word communitarianism. With that decision it took control over all the lands of the earth. It also took on the job of managing all the populations on the earth. Communitarianism, says Coleman, is the idea that the community’s needs must be put first and individuals cannot have rights. We’ll see how that plays in the good old US of A when people finally wake up to what’s going on. Coleman cites Rosa Koire in her book “Behind the Green Mask.” She is critical of Agenda 21 because humans are seen as a danger to the earth and those who campaign for the rights of individuals are immoral. She thinks the UN plans are restricting and suffocating our civil liberties. To the followers the concept of Agenda 21 is shapeless and vague and they are only dimly aware of the evil that is taking place. They only have a dull comprehension of ‘community.’

What does community mean to Coleman. He says we will be forced to take vaccines, even if they’re dangerous. I saw red blood cell under a microscope. one sample had the vaccine, one sample did not. The red blood cells which had the vaccine were ruined, all messed up. The red blood cell in the other sample were healthy. To protect the so-called community the UN has criminalized almost every activity; it has demonized free speech ( you can get banned on Facebook or YouTube for alternative news). The UN has suppressed debate (be careful what topic you chose). Massive rights are given to specific, individual groups which claim they are in need of protection. The first time the phrase ‘sustainable development’ was used was in 1980 at the UN’s International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. They also came up with an enemy. Their enemy would be pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages and famine. There is water all over the world in a layer below the crust. Why isn’t anybody drilling? The Club of Rome went one step further: The enemy is humanity itself! Coleman: “Sustainable-never before had such an innocent, honest looking, well-meaning word be used to promote and sustain such a genuinely evil, Luciferian plan.”

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