Agenda 21

People (elites) like Prince Charles (now King Charles III) and Al Gore flew around in jets telling the masses they should limit their use of fossil fuels. A Boeing 777 uses about 2500 gallons of fuel an hour. The price of fuel for a flying egg crate goes from 1300 to 3000 dollars an hour. A decent executive light jet costs 5500 dollars and a large private jet can fly for 6000 to 10, 000 dollars an hour.

There was money involved. Remember carbon trading? Coleman: ” a completely nonsensical piece of chicanery which changed absolutely nothing except the bank balances ” of the scammers running the op. Thus began the nightmare, says Coleman.

Here is the plan of Agenda 21 or at least part of it: education would be dumbed-down; students no longer would be taught to think critically; they would be taught just enough to be successful in the working world. Plans were made to close all small companies. They also planned to draw all rural folks into large Smart cities. The rural people would resist; it would be like herding cats. America would become a vast wilderness in which only wild animals would roam. Humans would not be allowed there, and they wouldn’t want to be, anyway, because of the danger the animals posed. People would be forced to live in tower blocks in Smart cities. We already have creeping Smart in our new electric meters. I had heard that the meters were dangerous to health, but I looked online and found that they have disadvantages, but danger wasn’t listed. But it was an official report, so what can one expect? Another plan is to shut down farms (like that will ever happen). All the food will be made in labs in the Smart cities. This enterprise will enrich the elite would be rulers.

The would-be rulers were out of touch with the classes of people below them, thinking “we were all simpletons, so they agreed that it would be necessary to force the simpleminded citizens to take orders and become compliant slaves.” I guess we can thank Agenda 21 for recycling. This is how they invented compliant slaves. Even when the public learned where the garbage was going, they still recycled. They had learned how to take orders. Of course recycling wasn’t wasn’t the point. The point was compliance. We still washed out yoghurt containers even when we learned that it would be burned or buried in someone’s homeland.

In America The Patriot Act was a document just waiting for a disaster. That disaster came in roaring fury on 9/11. Oppressive new laws were written into the Act, and terrorism around the world allowed new depressing laws to be enacted. Remember the silly rules about taking cosmetics onto passenger jets. ” The threat of mass destuction enabled politicians to take away any privacy or freedom we had left” (Coleman). Diseases were threats to scare the masses, such threat that we were told we all had to change our lives and accept orders from out would-be Betters.

Regionalization was planned as the first step toward globalization. Well-built 19th C. houses were torn down because their building codes didn’t match 21stC codes. Here is where I become confused about Coleman,s chronology. I don’t knew whether he is in the present or the future. Drivers of cars and trucks were told they were the chief polluters and to buy electric vehicles. We are at last seeing filling stations for electric cars, but how many are there? I saw one at a diner. How is one supposed to find them? Anyway, when drivers were told to go electric, they started buying the biggest SUVs and trucks they could find. Even I had a huge SUV. They wanted us to live on ‘sunshine and wind,’ which is mainly a dream. The government started cutting up trees into little pieces, calling biomass, burning it and asserting that it was a sustainable form of energy. But the problem is still there-what happens when the trees are gone? I watched a documentary on biofuel. Seaweed was one mentioned, but when a participant went to find seaweed, it was all dead in the area he looked. So much for seaweed. Water can power a car, but I don’t know anything about it. They made the lives of people living in rural areas miserable. They let roads crumble into ruins; they ruined water supplies and they introduced wild animals into areas where domestic animals were kept. The banks planned a switch to a digital system. The military learned to control the weather and made life miserable for those it was targeting. Psychologist were hired to brainwash the masses. There is talk of ID cards and depopulation. And that takes us up to the start of 2020.

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