Agenda 21

In 1980 would-be rulers invented the idea of ‘sustainable development,’ which Coleman says are two words which should terrify anyone who cares about people and the environment. In 1983 they set up a commission to prepare the masses for the new world order. In 1987 the World Commission on Environment and Development defined ‘sustainable development’ as “Development that meets the needs of the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” As Coleman says, “Who could possibly object to that?”

The Club of Rome, filled with elites and their followers, wanted control over the masses. Arousing them and motivating them would be the quickest way. Coleman was somewhat vague on this point, so I am filling in the blanks. In 1991 the Club of Rome published a book, “The First Global Revolution,” in which they blamed the masses for global warming. This allowed the UN to take real control, according to Coleman. This is an interesting point, but he doesn’t say how the UN took real control. But he goes on with sufficiently scary information to keep me reading. He says that nations can benefit by having an enemy. He says rulers start wars to divert attention from problems in their own country. But I don’t see any benefit for Vladimir Putin in starting a war in Ukraine. His country was quiet, although oppressed, but now Russians at home are protesting the war and soldiers are deserting the battlefield. Anyway, the book from the Club of Rome said that rulers always want a scapegoat, an enemy of some kind, a distraction if things are not going well. Scapegoat comes from the ancient Hebrew ritual of putting their sins on one of two goats. The goat which had the burden of all the sins was turned out into the wilderness; the other goat was sacrificed as a pure offering to God.

According to the “First Global Revolution,” they looked for a common enemy against which everyone could unite. They said,”We came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill.” But the human race, they decided, was the cause of all these problems, and the masses became a convenient target of animosity. The Club of Rome was dismissed by most people with a brain cell in their skull, but the UN went on with its evil plan.

In 1992 during a conference in Brazil the United Nations invented Agenda 21. As Coleman comments, “the world was set to change.” The UN had found a way to take power, at least over 178 countries, the leaders of which were only too eager to give away their sovereignty. But in their view they were fighting together unimaginable, existential, but imaginary horrors of global warming and climate change. It didn’t matter what Science said; what did they know? The rich countries which had consumed too much oil, gas and coal were the new enemy. Communitarianism became the new watchword for the new world. Fighting our own greed led logically to a world government, which of course would be the UN.

And, says Coleman, “Thus began the nightmare.” The UN went from being an organisation with some high flown good intentions best know for their peacekeepers to an organisation having a steadily growing grip on every aspect of our lives. The 178 governments which had signed on to the principle of ‘sustainability’ all set up their own groups to ensure that it was followed. So, Coleman says, global warming became the stick with which we were all to be beaten into submission. And it was decided that (with no scientific proof) the planet was endangered by the reckless use of the world’s resources.

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