The Urantia Book

The Gods cannot or do not transform gross animal beings from the evolutionary planets into a perfected spirit by some sort of creative magic. The morontia life, extending throughout so much of the ascension, is the only possible way to attain perfection and the ability to worship God. I was surprised when I read that ascenders are taught to worship God, and apparently He is the only God of the Trinity that is worshiped. The morontia worlds are the liaison spheres between the material and spiritual levels of ascender existence. All of the spheres around Jerusem and all the spheres in the constellation, plus the universe headquarters- all are morontia spheres. They are all architectural planets and they have double the elements of the evolved planets. They abound in the heavy metals and in crystals. They have 100 forms of an energy organization called morontia material. The Master Physical Controllers and the Morontia Power Supervisors (MPC and MPS) can affect the primary units of matter, transforming these mixtures of energy to form a new substance.

The MPSs are able to effect a union of material and of spiritual energies, thereby organizing a morantia form of materialization which is receptive to the superimposition of a controlling spirit. These patient and skillful MPSs will provide the ascender with 570 perfect morontia bodies, and each one a phase of the mortal’s progressive transformation. MPSs are exclusively devoted to the ministry of morontia progression. They are the channels of morontia power which sustain and energize the morontia phases of the transition worlds. They are the offspring of a local universe Mother Spirit. They are created for their specific function and need no training (that is one of the mysteries I can’t fathom, although we do it with dogs.).

Morontia Companions are the hosts on the morontia and mansion worlds; they are the offspring of the local universe Mother Spirit. They are created in groups of 100,000, and at present there are over 70 billion. What? In Nebadon? In Orvonton? In all 7 superuniverses? They are supervised by the Melchizedeks. They maintain 10,000 headquarters on each of the mansion worlds of a local system. There are two distinct types of MCs, one is aggressive, the other is retiring, but both are equal in status. They are very close to humans: Midway creatures are closest, a person who is psychic could probably see them.

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