The Urantia Book

The culture of the fifth mansion world corresponds in general to the early era of light and life on the evolutionary worlds. “Light and Life” means that the whole planet has acheived certain goals; some of these goals are: a world government appears; when all creatures reveal love of the Supreme Being; when possibilities for development are exhausted. Having mastered the language of the local universe, the ascenders now learn the language of Uversa. This is a time of expanding horizons; a real birth of cosmic consciousness takes place on mansonia number five. Study is becoming voluntary; unselfish service natural and worship spontaneous.

On the sixth mansion world ascenders receive their first lessons in the prospective spirit career, which follows immediately after the morontia experience. Next, they begin instruction in universe administration. This time is brilliant for ascending mortals and usually witnesses the fusion of the human mind and the divine Adjuster. The survivor’s angels are summoned and there is a quiet ceremony. The angels say: “This is a beloved son in whom I am well pleased.” This marks the entrance of an ascending mortal upon the eternal career of Paradise service. Then they are granted forty days of spiritual retirement and time to plan the route they will take to Paradise. They are becoming more attractive and compassionate as they finish the morantia experience.

On the seventh mansion world there will be many teachers, all co-operating in the task of preparing the ascender for residence on Jerusem. Each ascender has their own abode. Differences between those from advanced planets and retarded planets will be obliterated during the mansion experience. Things such as unfortunate heredity, unwholesome environment and unspiritual background will be eradicated. The transition world number seven is the Father’s world, and the ascending more deeply worship the Father, which they will do all the way to Paradise.

The ascenders then gather in groups at the sea of glass for the trip to Jerusem. They will arrive as citizens, not visitors, as so many times in the past. They will be enseraphimed, wrapped in angel wings. The top speed of a seraphim is 559,000 miles per second.

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