The Urantia Book

On the second mansion world groups start to form and social organizations start to function. It is crowded, but very fraternal; there is no discrimination. Those who lived in a caste system are experiencing freedom. There is a sea of glass on this sphere. A new morontia body is acquired from one mansion world to the next. You go to sleep in the seraphic transport and wake up on the next mansionia with a new body. Your physical brain perished of course, but anything worthwhile and of survival value was retained by the Adjuster as part of personal memory. You continue to eat and drink during your progress through mansonia. The food is special. It leaves no residue; there is no need for toilets. From sphere to sphere you grow more intellectual, less material and slightly more spiritual. Mansonia number two provides for the removal of all phases of intellectual conflict and for the cure of all varieties of mental disharmony.

The third mansion world is the headquarters of the Mansion World Teachers, of which there are millions both on the mansion and morontia worlds. These advanced and glorified cherubim serve as morontia teachers all the way up from the mansion worlds to the last sphere of local universe ascendant training. When you arrive on mansonia two, you have permission to visit transition world one, which is the headquarters of the morontia supervisor for all Satania. On this sphere more positive educational work is begun. The purpose of the training on this third mansonia is to teach the correlation of morontia mota and mortal logic, the co-ordination of morontia mota and human philosophy. This is the real introduction to the intelligent comprehension of cosmic meanings and universe interrelationships. Mota can be compared to the sayings of Jesus or the Book of Proverbs. It’s morontia wisdom.

When you reach the fourth mansion world, you will be able to visit the fourth transition sphere, which is the training school of the superangels. Also, you will be enabled to draw close to the Sons of God on their periodic visits to Satania. Ascenders here develop increased appreciation of the broadcasts and phases of local universe culture and progress. It is here that the ascenders are first introduced to the demands and delights of the true social life of morontia creatures. Activities are not based on evolutionary competition or personal individualism, but on understanding sympathy, mutual appreciation and the realization of a common and supreme destiny-the Paradise goal of worshipful and divine perfection.

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