The Urantia Book

As noted before the residential areas are built in circles. In these circles live the major groups of Universe life: The Sons of God. The first circle is the place of the Magisterial Sons. The seven circles are concentric. The walls are constructed of crystals, and they are built in tiers, the outermost looking out over the innermost. The many gates, from fifty to one hundred thousand, are adorned with pearls. The second circle is for Trinity teacher Sons, the third is devoted to the Melchizedeks. They are the dominant influence on Jerusem, except for Adam and Eve. The forth circle is the home of the Vorondadeks. All other higher beings occupy this circle when they are on Jerusem. The fifth circle is that of the Lanonandeks, the sonship order of the system. The Life Carriers occupy the sixth circle. The seventh circle is the habitation of the ascending mortals. The great central region is now occupied by the Michael memorial. The memorial staff consists of over 1 million personalities.

The purely local and routine affairs of Jerusem are directed from the one hundred triangles. The missing sector caused by Lucifer in the panoramic depiction of Satania’s history. Satania cannot come back into the community of the constellation until Uversa gets its act together and adjudicates the case of Gabriel v. Lucifer. But the Archangel of Nebadon, who presents this paper, assures us that it will happen soon and Urantia will be restored to the Satania circuits and enjoy the privileges of interplanetary communication; “The wages of sin is death”-eternal obliteration.

All fifty-six of the encircling worlds of Jerusem are devoted to the transitional culture of the ascending mortals, but the seven satellites of world number one are specifically known as the mansion worlds. It is exclusively devoted to ascendent activities being the headquarters of the finaliter corps assigned to Satania. When you are on mansion world number one, you won’t yet be able to see finaliters. And there is a requiement. “No ascending mortal can escape the experience of rearing children==their own or others–either on the material worlds or subsequently on the finaliter world or on Jerusem.

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