The Urantia Book

PHYSICAL ASPECTS OF JERUSEM. Jerusem is divided into one thousand latitudinal sectors and ten thousand longitudinal zones. The sphere has seven major capitals and seventy minor administrative centers. The standard mile of Jerusem is equivalent to seven Urantia miles. The Jerusem day equals about three days of Urantia time. The system year consists of one hundred Jerusem days. The energy of Jerusem circulates about the sphere in zone channels, which are directly fed from the energy charges of space (it sounds like they are using free energy or scalar energy, which on Urantia is locked up in black projects, although it’s rumored that an electric company is using free energy. People who have invented devices that tap into free energy have had their labs destroyed, were denied a patent, or even been murdered). But it’s a renewable energy, cheap to produce and would save us from the energy crisis. There are no days and nights and no seasons of hot and cold. Rarefied energies are projected upward through the atmosphere, undergoing certain changes, until they reach the electric air ceiling of the sphere, and are reflected down as a gentle, sifting light similar to Urantia’s light at 10:00 in the morning. The satellites and subsatellites are heated, watered, lighted and energized by the same methods as Jerusem.

Jerusem is a foretaste of heaven. This is the place that people think of when they dream of heaven. Flowers and jewels are everywhere in all different colors. Gold and silver are prominent. I read a book by a young woman who nagged Michael to let her go to Jerusem and its satellites. He finally took her, but she was disappointed. He must have taken her to a place where boring things happen because she complained that the experience was boring. There are in fact grocery stores on the satellites. Well, Jesus was in morontia form after his resurrection and he ate, so the need must be there.

THE JERUSEM BROADCASTS. The superuniverse and Paradise-Havona broadcasts are received on Jerusem in liaison with Salvington and with a technique involving the polar crystal, the sea of glass. In addition for provision for reception of extra-Nebadon communications, there are three distinct groups of receiving stations. Mortals never fail to be engrossed by these never-ending broadcasts. The Jerusem broadcasting receiving station is a huge amphitheater seating 5 billion mortals, morontias, and some spirits. Adding the reflectivity phenomenon to the Paradise broadcast, the Uversa rulers can make the message visual.

RESIDENTIAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE AREAS. Considerable portions of Jerusem are assigned as residential areas, while other portions are administrative areas. The nonnative residential dwellings are placed in circles. The executive-administrative areas are positioned in squares. The homes of the lower native life are placed in rectangles. And triangles identify the local or Jerusem administration. The Material Sons of God, Adam and Eve, live on vast and beautiful estates. They are permanent residents of Jerusem.

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