The Urantia Book

As noted before, Urantia is placed within the System of Satania. Since the Rebellion the System Sovereign, the Contellation Fathers are keeping certain matters from Lanaforge, the successor to Lucifer. And Lanaforge has a group around him that aids him in governing Jerusem; they are: the first assistant Sovereign, Mansurotia; the second assistant Sovereign, Sadib, the custodian of the system; Holdant, the holder and controller of all interned spirits above the order of mortal existence; the system recorder, Vilton, secretary of the Lanonandek ministry of Satania; he also has the bestowal director, Fortant, temporary director of activities associated with Michael’s bestowal to Urantia; and the high counselor, Hanavard, acting chairman of the executive council of Satania.

There are a number of historical people who are gaining attention lately, but I will only mention a few. Enoch’s books are being read for their insights on the Anunnaki. He, like Elijah, was taken up by God. Moses was an emancipator of a submerged violet race. This was the race that made humans smarted and more civilized. Machiventa Melchizedek did amazing things. He went to Urantia and took the body of a human (a very difficult job) , established himself near Jerusalem and opened a school for missionaries. He is also Acting Planet Prince for Michael, who has never actually placed himself in the job. But MM has headquarters on Jerusem and authority to act on Michael’s behalf. Urantia, though, is still supervised by successive resident governors general, members of the four and twenty counselors.

The Melchizedek are the directors of that large corps of instructors–partially spiritualized will creatures and others–who function so effectively on Jerusem and the seven mansion (morontia) worlds. These are the detention planets where those mortals who fail to achieve fusion with their indwelling Adjusters during the life in the flesh are rehabilitated in transient form to receive further help and to enjoy extended opportunity for continuing their strivings for spiritual attainment, those very efforts which were prematurely interrupted by death. Or if, for any other reason of heredity handicap, unfavorable environment, or conspiracy of circumstances, this soul attainment was not completed, no matter what the reason, all who are true of purpose and worthy in spirit, find themselves, as themselves, present on the continuing planets, where they must learn to master the essentials of the eternal career to possess themselves of traits which they could not, or did not acquire during the lifetime in the flesh…..I was in contact with my Adjuster or thought I was, but I felt delusional, so I stopped. If what this paragraph says is true, we all should be contacting our Adjusters before its too late.

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