The Urantia Book

Satania’s administrative center consists of seven major satellites, forty-nine subsatellites and Jerusem the system capital. They are all artificial, but they are all beautiful and cared for by beings called spornagia. The seven mansion worlds are the seven subsatellites of transition world number one. After you die, you come to the resurrection halls of these subsatellites and are put back together. Your Adjuster and your angel has been holding your personality and other non-tangibles and this is where you will receive them and become yourself again. The seven major satellites orbiting Jerusem are known as the transitional cultural spheres. The numbers and names of these spheres are: Number 1 The Finaliter World; finaliters are mortals who have reached Paradise and worshiped the Father and have been inducted into the Finaliter Corps. Everyone who has this status descends to do service work. I have the impression that all personalities do service work. When ascending you learn new things and must teach these new things to the new person coming up behind you. The nice thing about that is you learn the material better.

Number 2. The Morontia World. This planet is the headquarters of the supervisors of morontia life and is surrounded by the seven spheres whereon the morontia chiefs train their associates and helpers, both morontia beings and ascending mortals. Number 3. The Angelic World. This is the headquarters of all the seraphic hosts engaged in system activities and is surround by the seven worlds of angelic training and instruction. Number 4. The Superangel World. This sphere is the Satania home of the Brilliant Evening Stars and a vast concourse of co-ordinate beings (these are unrevealed.) Number 5. The World of the Sons. This planet is the headquarters of the divine Sons of all orders. The surrounding seven worlds are devoted to certain individual groupings of these divine Sons.

Number 6. The World of the Spirits. This planet serves as the system rendezvous of the high personalities of the Infinite Spirit. The seven surrounding subsatellites are assigned to differing groups of these orders. But there is no satellite for the Mother Spirit; she fills the whole universe. She is also called the Divine Minister. Number 7. The World of the Father. This Major sphere and its subsatellite is special. The system is silent. There is a temple of light on one of the spheres, but nobody goes there. This where Lucifer and his followers are incarcerated. It’s a prison planet. I’ve stopped waiting for Lucifer’s case to be adjudicated. I wanted Earth to be reinstated to full participation in the various channels of information; after all, its not the fault of the people of Earth that Lucifer rebelled; why are they punishing us?

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