The Urantia Book

Because of the Lucifer Rebellion, the government of the constellation was expanded to include twelve Sons of the Vorondadek order. The twelve are as follows: 1. the Constellation Father. The Most High ruler of Norlatiadek is number 617,318 of the Vorondadek series of Nebadon. 2. The senior Most High associate. 3. The junior Most High associate. 4. The Most High advisor, the personal representative of Michael since his attainment of the status of Master Son. 5. The Most High executive, the personal representative of Gabriel stationed on Edentia ever since the Lucifer rebellion. 6. The Most High chief of planetary observers, the director of the Vorondadek observers stationed on the isolated worlds of Satania. 7. The Most High referee, the Vorondadek Son intrusted with the duty of adjusting all difficulties consequential to the rebellion within the constellation. 8. The Most High emergency administrator, charged with the task of adapting emergency enactments to the rebellion-isolated worlds of Satania. 9. The Most High mediator, assigned to harmonize the special bestowal adjustments on Urantia with the routine administration of the constellation. (Apparently, the archangels got out of control.) 10. The Most High judge advocate, the head of the emergency tribunal, devoted to the adjustment of the special problems of Norlatiadek growing out of the confusion caused by the Lucifer rebellion. 11. The Most High liaison, commissioned as a special counselor to the Faithful of Days. 12. The Most High director of the emergency council, which included all personalities assigned to Edentia due to the Lucifer emergency.

Gardens occupy half of Edentia and they are described as very beautiful. In the center of the garden is a worship shrine in which the Most Highs lead all Edentia in the worship-contemplation of God the Supreme. As mentioned before the Supreme Being is a God which grows in experience, whereas the Trinity Gods are existential, they do not experience, except through their creatures. The UB says there are 3 forms of life we would recognize as vegetable and 3 we would recognize as animal, but there are 4 forms of life that would render us clueless. We would have no idea what they are.

The Univitatia are the permanent citizens of Edentia and all seven hundred and seventy artificial planets surrounding the constellation headquarters. These are children of the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit, and they are on a level between the material and spiritual, but not morontia. Univitatia are created to function in seventy diverse orders of personality. Each of these orders exibits 10 major variations of intellectual activity. The seven hundred minor spheres are technical planets of practical education in the working of the entire local universe. On these planets they teach the following: 1. Work effectively with 10 fellows, with 100, and then with 1000. 2. Co-operate heartily with 10 univitatia, who are not your average American, while they are co-ordinating with 10 other families, which are in turn confederated into a corps of 1,000 univitatia. 3. Achieve simultaneous adjustment to both fellow morontians and these host univitatia. Acquire the ability voluntarily. 4. While thus socially functioning with beings like and unlike yourself, achieve intellectual harmony with, and make vocational adjustments to, both groups of associates. 5. Further perfect the ability to live in intimate contact with similar and slightly dissimilar beings with ever-lessening irritability. 6. Grasp the eternal goal-meanings concealed within these seemingly insignificant time-space activities.


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