The Urantia Book

As noted before Ultamatons are unknown to Urantia’a physicists. Ultimatons function by mutual attraction, responding only to the circular Paradise gravity pull. They slow down through many phases of physical activity before they attain the revolutionary-energy prerequisites to electronic organization. Ultimations have 3 varieties of motion, but we will only be concerned with the last: the intraelectronic positions of the one hundred mutually interassociated ultimatons. Mutual attraction holds one hundred ultimatons together in the constitution of the electron; and there are never more nor less than one hundred ultimatons in a typical electron. The loss of one or more ultimatons destroys typical electron identity, thus bringing into existence one of the ten modified forms of the electron.

The Ultimaton determine the dimensions of electrons by the axial whirling, and they also determine the negative or positive reaction of the several types of electronic units. Each atom is a trifle over 1/100,000,000th of an inch in diameter, while an electron weighs a little less that 1/2,000th of the smallest atom, hydrogen. If the mass of matter should be magnified until that of an electron equaled 1/10 of an ounce, then if size were proportiately magnified. the volume of the electron would become as large as the Earth. If the volume of a proton-1800 times as heavy as an electron- were magnified to the size of a head of a pin, then by comparison, the head of the pin would have the diameter of the Earth’s orbit around the sun.

The local universes are of decimal construction. There are just one hundred distinguishable atomic materializations of space energy in a dual universe; that is the maximum possible organization of matter in Nebadon. These one hundred forms of matter consist of a regular series in which from one to one hundred electrons revolve around a central and relatively compact nucleus. It is this orderly and dependable association of various energies that constitutes matter. Electrons orbit the nucleus, which has protons, positively charge particles and neutrons, which have no charge. There are four levels of electrons, and the UB says they have more individuality the farther out they are, but the current knowledge is that the electrons form a cloud around the nucleus and the positions of the orbits are hidden.

There is a powerful energy source is the spaces in the atom, which is unknown on Urantia, which is unpredictable, and seems to be a space-force reaction of the Unqualified Absolute, a God which will rule in new universes (I think). The mesotron is a particle which holds the proton and the neutron together in the nucleus of the atom. Physicists have long looked for the key factor they could add to the atom that would make it stay together–they’ve tried gravity, but in the end they rejected it. They have the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force and electromagnetism and they need a fourth. It seems mesotrons are their answer.


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