The Urantia Book

The foundation of the universe is material in the sense that energy is the basis of all existence, and pure energy is controlled by the Universal Father. This vast stream of energy proceeding from the Paradise Presences has never lapsed, never failed; there has never been a break in the infinite upholding. This divine energy pervades all creation. The force organizers initiate those changes and those modifications of space-force which eventuate in energy; the power directors transmute energy into matter; thus the material worlds are born. The Life Carriers initiate those processes in dead matter which we call life, material life. The Morantia Power Supervisors likewise perform throughout the transition realms between the material and spiritual worlds. The higher spirit Creators inaugurate similar processes in divine forms of energy, and there ensue the higher spirit forms of intelligent life (angels, etc.).

Ultimatonic matter is something our physicists haven’t discovered yet. It’s discovered inside an electron, and it really must be small and hard to find because they are saying that electrons are really clouds around the nucleus of an atom. But the UB calls ultimatons “the prime physical units of material existence and the explosive and repellent stage of the solar supergases.” An area of empty space in Nebadon would yield about 100 ultimatons, the equivalent of one electron, in each cubic inch. Throughout space, cold and other influences are organizing ultimatons into electrons. But, because of gravity, interstellar space does not reach absolute zero. The UB also served up Einstein’s equation for Mass and Energy.

The UB also discusses the fact that particles are interchangeable with waves, which it says is the state of knowledge of Urantia’s physicists. The first is the short space rays, which emanate from the densest area of the Milky Way. The electronic stage is the basis of all materialization in the seven superuniverses. The electron gives off light and has wavelike tendencies. Gamma rays, caused by radium disintegration, are waves. The next step in the slowing down of the electron yields the various forms of solar X-rays as well as artificial X-rays. The ultraviolet or chemical rays of sunlight make-up the various mechanical productions. White light: the whole spectrum of sunlight. Infrared rays–the further slowing down of the electron near the stage of appreciable heat. Hertzian waves–those energies utilized on Urantia for broadcasting. These are 10 varieties of waves and the human eye/brain can only percieve one of them-white light. We see and hear in a tunnel; there is a whole world out there that we are not aware of; psychics can see more of the world. I was psychic years ago when I was psycically raped. I became psychic to survive, but I’ve lost my remote viewing ability.

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