The Urantia Book

What are universe boundaries and how are they maintained? The characteristic space phenomenon which sets each local universe from others is the presence of the Creative Spirit, the Divine Minister, co-ruler with the Creator Son. She apparently is able to expand. Her boundaries and the boundaries of the local universe. Outside her boundaries is another universe. The space bodies of Nebadon were created when nebulae such as the Andronover nebula threw off material that became stars and planets. Such is the constitution of the local star cloud of Nebadon, which today swings in an increasingly settled orbit around the Sagittarius center and also in the center of a minor sector of Orvonton.

Even as the space bodies cool, there is work to do balancing the mass and energies of the universes.The circuiting and channeling of energy is supervised by the five hundred thousand living and intelligent energy manipulators scattered throughout Satania (system containing Urantia). Through the action of such physical controllers the supervising power centers are in complete and perfect control of a majority of the basic energies of space. This group of living entities can mobilize, transform, transmute, manipulate, and transmit nearly all of the physical energies of organized space.

These intelligent creatures of power control and energy direction must adjust their technique on each sphere in accordance with the physical constitution and architecture of that planet. They unfailingly utilize the calculations and deductions of their respective staffs of physicists and other technical advisers. (Did you notice that? A physicist works for 40 years, retires and dies an atheist. Little does he know he will be a physicist in the afterlife and nobody cares whether he’s an atheist) Anyway, they advise on the influence of highly heated suns and other types of supercharged stars on the local universe. The Master Physical Controllers are not responsible for the the energy misbehavior on Urantia. I assume the Presenters (an Angel and the Chief of Nebadon Power Centers) don’t appove of our fossil fuel consumption. There’s plenty of free energy but its not available–anyone who make a device that runs on free (scalar) energy get murdered or isn’t able to get a patent or has their lab trashed and their device confiscated. Someone must build a free energy device with an audience and cameras watching. S/he must be very visible, like Steven Greer.

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