The Urantia Book

Seraphim are created by the Universe Mother Spirit, and are projected in units of 41,472 at a time. The Mother Spirit also creates other spirits while the Creator Son, Michael, creates the Material sons,Adam and Eve. All of these beings are created already knowing what they must do. They will all be ministering to ascending mortal in one way or another. Seraphim are still being periodically created; the universe is young.

Angels do not have material bodies, but they are definite and discrete beings; they are of spirit nature and origin. Although invisible to mortals, they can see you ; they intellectually understand the mode of mortal life and they share humanity’s emotions and sentiments. And they love human beings, and only good can result from your efforts to understand and love them. But as Jesus said, they “will neither marry nor be given in marriage but they will be as the angels in heaven.” They don’t procreate. That’s why ministers and professors should know better when they say that in Genesis 6 the 200 rogues who took whoever woman they wanted were angels.

The ninth group of seven primary spheres (satellites) in the Salvington circuit are the worlds of the Seraphim. Each of these worlds has six tributary satellites, whereon exist the special schools devoted to seraphic training. These headquarters worlds are among the most magnificent realms of Nebadon; the seraphic estates are characterized by both beauty and vastness. Here each seraphim has a real home, and “home” means the domicile of two seraphim; they live in pairs.

Seraphim spend their first millennium as noncommissioned observers on Salvington and its associated world schools. The second millennium is spent on the seraphic worlds of the Salvington circuit. Their central training school is now presided over by the first 100,000 Nebadon seraphim and at their head is the original or first born angel of the universe. The first created group of Nebadon seraphim were trained by a corps of 1,000 serphim from Avalon; subsequently, our angels have been taught by their own seniors.

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