The Urantia Book

The last two universe personalities are the Celestial Overseers and the Mansion World teachers. The Melchizedek teaching corps administers the Nebadon educational system, but the work designed to effect its maintenance and upbuilding is carried on by the Celestial Overseers. They are 3 million in number and they have volunteers who have qualified by experience to serve as educational advisors to the universe. The Mansion World Teachers are recruited and glorified cherubim. Like all educational workers, they are commissioned by the Melchizedeks.

Personalities of the Infinite Spirit. The following have permanent assignment in Nebadon: The Solitary Messengers are always willing to run errands and they fly through space at many times the speed of light; Andovontia is the name of the Universe Circuit Supervisor. He deals with spirit and morontia circuits. It was he who isolated Urantia at the time of the Caligastia betrayal of the planet during the Lucifer rebellion. The Census Director, Salsatia, registers the exact number of will creatures (us) in the universe. He registers the birth and death of all will creatures. The Universal Conciliators are the traveling courts of time and space, functioning from the evolutionary world up to the universe level and beyond. The Technical Advisers are the living and experiential law libraries of all space.

Permanent citizens of the local universe. These created beings are 4 types in number: 1. Susatia 2. Univitatia 3. Material Sons (and Daughters) 4. Midway Creatures. The Susatia are closely associated with the ascendant citizens and Spirit-fused mortals of the Nebadon Corps of Perfection. The Univitatia live on the Constellations and minister to ascending mortals. Material Sons and Daughters go to evolving planets work among the tribes. Their offspring mate with the individuals of higher intelligence in an attempt to “uplift” our race. But they defaulted on Urantia. Urantia has had a very bad history with the default and the Lucifer rebellion, and yet our people are blamed and cut off from the circuits and broadcasts. The Midway Creatures are midway between humans and Material Sons. They have a really unique origin

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