AI and bio-digital social programming

I would like to comment on a blog I wrote on September 2020. I was raving about the wonders of 5G and how smart it made my phone. Well, 5G hadn’t been introduced yet. I think it’s being introduced now because supposedly it’s affecting airplanes and their delicate electronics. The introduction is apparently stalled.

Men face two alternate futures, neither of which they will like. One future is control by Greys, aliens. The Illuminati is said to be making a deal with them in which the Greys would take control of 3/4 of the world if the Illuminati could have 1/4 and access to alien mind control technology. The other future is Agenda 21, the United Nations’ plan to have a one world government and make people crowd into huge Smart Cities. Most of the globe will be wilderness, but nobody will be able to go there and hike or vacation. Agenda 21 struck Saratoga Springs and I lost my parking place at church. They put in a bike lane and made it a no parking zone. This is made to encourage bike riding, but what it really does is irritate drivers. Like me.

Now, I talk to Jesus and I like to think he talks back, I described these two scenarios to him and asked him if either one would ever take place. His answer was in the negative. I can understand why I would like him to give me that answer because it’s the answer I would give. I doubt that we will see either scenario come to fruition, although both are in the beginning stages. The reason I doubt is because people are waking up very, very fast. The government has acknowledged UFOs just in time, and Trump’s nationalism has not gone away. And they will NEVER tame Putin.

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