The Urantia Book

Experts on biotechnology, cybernetics, nanotechnology and transbiology are trading information with the goal of merging man and machines, now called “the singularity.” This is now referred to as the transhumanist agenda. They want a race of humans plugged into a global AI and functioning “as a workforce of the Global Elite.” The aliens collaborating with the Illuminati plan to implement absolute electronic control over the inhabitants of planet Earth. The source of this information is Michael Younger, a member of a secret Navel Intelligence group called COM-12. He says the Illuminati have agreed to turn over three-quarters of the planet to the Greys if they can have one-quarter and have access to alien mind control technology. Hybrid humans are being mass produced and they are expected to be released into the general public by 2014. A goal is to eliminate as many humans as possible who are motivated from spiritual sources. This will be done through another war and subsequent massive depopulation. When the human population that remains is vastly outnumbered by the hybrids and the dehumanized robots and slaves, we will become annexed to the alien empire. (from Alien World Order: The Reptilian Plan to Divide and Conquer the Human Race by Len Kasten). But there is the Galactic Federation of Light, a human group of ETs that would not like to see us go down. They watch things happening on Earth. But I doubt very much that any of this will happen. God also watches what’s happening on Earth. I’ve read most of Sitchen’s books and I never read that the Anunnaki were Reptilian. But I read that from many sources. I got the impression they were human.

THE LOCAL UNIVERSE SONS OF GOD Michael and the Mother Spirit created four groups of Sons: Melchizedek, Vorondadek, Lanonandek, and Life Carrier Sons. In the universe of Nebadon the Father Melchizedek (father because he was first born and helped in creating the remainder of the group) acts as the first executive associate to Gabriel. Gabriel is occupied more with universe policies, Melchizedek is concerned with practical procedures. Gabriel presides over the regularly constituted tribunals and councils of Nebadon, Melchizedek over the special, extraordinary and emergency commissions and advisory bodies. Gabriel and the Father Melchizedek are never away from Salvington at the same time. In Gabriel’s absence the Father Melchizedek functions as the chief executive of Nebadon. The Melchizedek group is self-governing because one of their number helped create the in producing the rest of the group. These Sons are at the mid-point of the intelligence scale that goes from the highest Divinity to the lowest will creature. They do everything from teach in universities to patrol the universe. When an Avonal Son enters on a bestowal, 12 Melchizedek Sons go with him for support. They have their own sphere-one of the satellites of Salvington, which bears their name. Salvington has 70 primary spheres (all artificial). Each of these are encircled by 6 tributary spheres, all devoted to special activities. All of these spheres are sometimes referred to as Melchizedek University. There are 10,000,000 Melchizedek Sons recorded on their sphere. The six tributary worlds have special activities for the ascending mortals: 1. a review of the mortal’s initial planetary life, people from Urantia are grouped together for this experience. 2. a similar review of the experience on the morontia worlds. 3. a review of the experience on the capital of the local system headquarters, At this point they would be raving about the beauty of everything. 4. a review of the experience of the huge satellite system and its system of tributary spheres on the constellation. 5. then the constellation capital is reviewed 6. an attempt is made to correlate these 5 epochs and achieve co-ordination of experience preparatory to entering the Melchizedek primary schools of universe training.

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