The gods: who’s who

Geshtinanna:: born on Earth to Enki and his sister Ninmah; she became Ningishzidda’s consort. Egyptians considered her a divine dream reader and poet. She reigned over wine and winter.

Gilgamesh:: Gilgamesh was proud to be three-fourths god; his relationship with Inanna excited him but left him dissatisfied. To tame Gilgamesh Enki created Enkidu, a powerful man (maybe a cyborg) with mechanical parts as well as Neanderthal genes to divert Gilgamesh from the brides. Enki sent tantric priestess Shambat to tame Enkidu in the woods, where he learned the joy of tantric lovemaking. He decided to join civilization in Uruk, where he challenged Gilgamesh. They fought and then became friends. Gilgamesh went to Baalbek to plead to the gods for a rocket to go to Nibiru; he thought that’s where immortality came from. Enkidu smashed Enlil’s security robot and Inanna (Ishtar) watched with lust as Gilgamesh washed himself. She asked Gilgamesh to come with her, but he declined and insulted her. She was furious so she told Enlil to release the guard bull at the launchpad, which he did. But Gilgamesh killed the bull while Enkidu held him. Enlil was enraged that they had killed his bull and he was set on killing both of them, but the sisters pleaded that he only kill Enkidu and let Gilgamesh go back to Uruk’s throne. Then Gilgamesh went in search of a plant that would let him live forever. When Gilgamesh died, all his servants were buried with him. The were given a sleeping potion and while they were sleeping, they were killed.

Hagar::she was Sarah and Abraham’s slave, then Abraham’s secondary wife. She was fertile so she had a son named Ishmael, who was the ancestor of the Arabic peoples.

Horus:: (AKA Horon, Hor, Falcon god) In 8970 BCE Horus won Egypt when he defeated Seth in an air battle above the Sinai.

Inanna:: (AKA Irnini, Ishtar, Astoreth, Astarte, Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena, Anat, Venus and Kali) She was engaged to Dumuzi, but Marduk had him killed. In 8670 BCE she defeated Marduk and the Enkiites with “an explosive beam” and demanded of Enlil that she be Egypt’s ruler. Enlil gave Egypt to Ningishzidda instead. Inanna saw Dumuzi in Earthling men she mated, but killed them after sex. In 3800 BCE Anu and Queen Antu came to Earth and Antu gave Inanna to Anu. All Nibiran shared their ecstasy, epiphany and satori. Anu gave Inanna the Temple where they made love and his survey plane as well. She would run Uruk’s temple through a priest/king. Inanna seduced Enki and got him drunk so she could steal the programs for building and expanding Uruk into a city. In 3760 BCE Inanna chose the first king of Sumer, the Lugal. He represented the gods to the Earthings. In 3450 BCE Inanna and the Enlilites bombed Marduk’s Launch Tower at Babylon. Choosing Sargon as her king, he and Inanna subdued all of Sumer. They spread spoken and written Akkadian and spawned the Semitic languages (including Hebrew and Arabic).

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