The gods: Who’s who

ENKI:: Each generation he mated with the prettiest females born to the hybrids; he multiplied the ratio of Nibiran to erectus genes in our stock. He gave his part-Earthling son Ziusudra a computer program that showed him how to build a submersible to save his people.

ENLIL:: (AKA Set, Jehovah, Jupiter, Ashur and Yahweh) According to “DNA of the Gods” he was unstable, neurotic, violent and prone to anger, indignant, jealous and highly self-centered, infantile, despotic, unable to grasp the spiritual. He ordered Earthlings drowned in the Deluge (here he is Yahweh). But then he let Enki’s survivors rule the earth for the Expedition.

ERESHKIGAL:: daughter of Nannar and younger sister of Utu and Inanna, born on earth. Enki impregnated her with Ningishzidda. She married Enki’s son Nergal and ran the climatological station with him at the Point in South Africa. She killed Inanna to keep Nergal from providing a levirate child for Inanna, but Enki revived Inanna.

GALZU:: According to Galzu’s plan, the Earthlings would undergo further training so that they could serve the gods and the gods now thought of themselves as Gods. They would clean up Mesopotamia, drain all the mud, irrigate, build better, more beautiful cities with ziggurats; they would have Earthlings as servants. Ziusudra three sons would be in charge and keep the Earthling in line. It seems this character Galzu told Enki and Enlil that they would die if they abandoned Earth and went back to Nibiru. Ninmah added that the Creator of All wanted the Anannaki to foster the hybrid species and preserve them. Anu said that the Anunnaki’s purpose was to preserve and advance homo sapiens, hybrids, Earthlings: ” To fashion Earthlings the Creator of All directed us.” Galzu sent Enlil a dream that Marduk would get Mesopotamia and also that Abraham would rule everywhere from Egypt to Mesopotamia.

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