The Urantia Book: The Mother Spirit

When the Father and the Eternal Son produce a Creator Son, the Infinite Spirit creates a daughter, a Creative Spirit or Mother Spirit to rule with the Creator Son. In physical creation the Universe Son provides the pattern while the Universe Spirit initiates the materialization of physical realities. The Son operates in the power designs, but the Spirit transforms these energy creations into physical substances. Suddenly, a change happens to the Mother Spirit, accompanied by a flash of light that can be seen all over the universe. The daughter achieves full personhood and is now called the Divine Minister. She was always a person to Michael, but now she has a personality gifted by the Universal Father. She is a manifestation of Deity, a spirit person, and she was regarded as so by the Creator Son; and he could say, “All power in heaven and earth has been intrusted to me.”

The Universe Spirit possesses all the physical control attributes of the Infinite Spirit, including the full endowment of anti-gravity. She is co-responsible with the Son in creating the creatures of the worlds and never fails the Son in all efforts to uphold and maintain these creations. Life is ministered and maintained through the agency of the Creative Spirit. In the later evolution of mortal creatures the Life Carrier Sons provide the physical body, fabricated out of the existing organized material of the realm, While the Universe Spirit contributes “the breath of life.”

In personal prerogatives a Creative Spirit is wholly and entirely independent of space but not of time. She is equally and diffusely present throughout her entire local universe and is, therefore, just as literally present on one world as on another. A Creator Son acts instantaneously throughout his universe; but the Creative Spirit must reckon with time, except if she avails herself of the prerogatives of the Son. In pure spirit function she acts independently of time; and she can always make use of that mystery of reflectivity.

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