The Urantia Book: Nebadon

Nebadon is characterized by dual supervision, the beginning of the father-mother concept. The universe father is the Creator Son; the mother is the Creative Spirit. Also, they are blessed with the presence of Immanuel, who comes from Paradise, and is the ambassador of the Paradise Trinity. Immanuel of Salvington, number 611, 121 of the sixth order of Supreme Trinity Personalities is the only personality in all Nebadon never to acknowledge subordination to his brother Michael. He doesn’t give advice unless asked for it.

Gabriel is the chief executive and actual administrator of Nebadon. The Father Melchizedek is Gabriel’s first assistant. Father Melchizedek was the first of that order of creatures to come into being from the partnership of Son and Spirit. The order of Melchizedek is very versatile; it is involved with all levels of education and can do the mundane act of patrolling the universe. Father Melchizdek takes on Gabriel’s responsibilities if Gabriel is otherwise busy.

Broadcasts are sent out from Salvinton to the constellations, the systems and the planets, except if a planet is under quarantine. That is the fate of Urantia/Earth since the Lucifer Rebellion and it hasn’t been resolved yet. I heard a channel say on YouTube that he channeled the information that Lucifer and Satan had been tried in court on Uversa and found guilty. They were given the choice of death by the court or self-extinction; they chose that, so they are gone. But we are still waiting for a few beings-creatures-personalities to come back to the Lord of their own free will. Jesus won’t force them. So we suffer while a few reprobates make us wait.

Christ Michael is supremely concerned about three things: creation, sustenance, and ministry. The entire judicial mechanism of Nebadon is under the supervision of Gabiel. Michael has nothing to do with judging his creatures. There are seventy branches of universe courts and they function in seven divisions of 10 sections each. In all matters of adjudication there presides a dual magistracy consisting of one judge of perfection and one judge of ascendant experience. The local universe courts are restricted in three ways: 1. if the question of the right of continued existence comes up for adjudication, it must be referred to the superuniverse courts on Uversa. 2. The default or defection of any of the Sons of God of a local universe cannot be adjudicated in his own universe; it must go to the superuniverse level. 3. the readmission of a local system to the fellowship of full spiritual status in the local universe subsequent to spiritual isolation must be concurred in by the high assembly of the superuniverse.

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