The Urantia Book

The Paradise Creator Sons

The Creator Sons are the makers and rulers of the local universes of time and space. These universe creators and sovereigns are of dual origin, embodying the characteristics of God the Father and God the Son. But each Creater Son is different from every other; each is unique in nature as well as personality; each is “the only begotten Son” of the perfect deity ideal of his origin. These primary Paradise Sons are personalized as Michaels. As they go forward from Paradise to found their universes, they are known as Creator Michaels. When settled in supreme authority, they are known as Master Michaels. Sometimes the Master of Nebadon is referred to as Christ Michael. “The order of Michael knows the grand universe from one end to the other;there is no essential experience of any of the children of time and space in which the Michaels have not participated;they are in fact partakers not only of the divine nature but of your nature, meaning your nature, from the highest to the lowest.

“When the fullness of absolute spiritual ideation in the Eternal Son encounters the fullness of absolute personality concept in the Universal Father, when such a creative union is finally and fully attained, when such absolute identity of spirit and such infinite oneness of personality concept occur, then, right then and there, flashes into being a full-fledged being, a new and original Creator Son, this new personality of power and perfection.”(200)

Each Creator Son is the only begotten and only begettable offspring of the perfect union of the original concepts of the two eternal, infinite and perfect minds of the ever existent Creators of the universe of universes. There can never be another such Son because each Creator Son is the unqualified, finished, and final expression and embodiment of all of every phase of every feature of every possibility of every divine reality, that could, throughout all eternity, ever be found in, expressed by, or evolved from, those divine creative potentials which united to bring this Michael Son into existence. But as we observe the practical outworking of the Michael functions in the universes, we discern apparent differences. Some Creator Sons appear to be more like God the Father;others more like God the Son.”(201) Christ Michael of Nebadon appears to (UB) to be more like the Mother side of the Eternal Son. Christ Michael has an executive assistant named Gabriel. Lots of people think Gabriel is an archangel, but he’s not. He’s a Union of Days, created specifically for the job he does. Most of the beings are created for a specific purpose and they are created already knowing the skills they will need for their jobs.

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