The Urantia Book

Our universe of Nebadon is part of the superuniverse of Orvonton. Orvonton is known chiefly for its “tremendous and lavish bestowal of merciful ministry to the mortals within its borders. Each superuniverse has its own character. This is not to say that the other six don’t exercise mercy, they do. But each one has a special character.

Urantia is number 606 in the system of Satania; it is one of 619 inhabited worlds. Satania is system number 24 in the constellation Norlatiadek, which consists of 100 local systems and has a headquarters world called Edenta. Norlatiadek is number 70 in the universe of Nebadon, which has 100 constellations. The capital of Nebadon is an artificial planet called Salvington. All the capital planets are artificial.

Nebadon is number 84 in the minor sector of Ensa, which consists of 100 universes and has a capital called Uminor the third. This minor sector is number 3 in the major sector of Splandon, which consists of 100 minor sectors and has a headquarters world called Umajor the fifth. The 7 superuniverses are collectively called the grand universe. the number of Urantia is 5,342,482,337,666–no wonder mankind is so screwed up! But there is another reason. Early tribes on other planets get rid of the weak and anti-social members of their tribes and do not let their blood lines develop. Tribes on Urantia never did this. But make no mistake: God knows your every thought and action; he is able to keep tabs on every soul in all the superuniverses.

The seven Master Spirits are primary personalities of the Infinite Spirit. The number 7 is a basic, fundamental number because the Infinite Spirit exhausted the mathematical possibilities inherent in the factual existence of the Three Persons of the Trinity. Likewise, there are seven superuniverses and seven combinations when the three Gods act: 1. The Universal Father 2. The Eternal Son 3.The Infinite Spirit 4.The Father and the Son 5. The Father and the Spirit 6. The Son and the Spirit 7. The Father, Son and Spirit (not as Trinity). The seven Master Spirits watch over the seven superuniverses, but they stay on Paradise. They also “function for the Supreme Being.” The Supreme Being is a growing, experiential God. The Trinity Gods are existential Gods. The do not experience; their wisdom is not gained through experience. But the Supreme Being is growing in experience and the Urantia Book says s/he might rule from Uversa (or hopes).

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