The Urantia Book

The executive and legislative branches of government are on Uversa, the HQ of Orvonton. The executive branch consists of three beings called the Ancients of Days, and their perfection faces the legislative branch, which consists of imperfect ascending mortals. The legislators are drawn from each universe, but they are all ascending mortals, so this service only lasts 100 years. Each superuniverse also has a Master Spirit, who represents the Infinite Spirit. There is a judicial branch composed of one Ancient of Days, a Perfector of Wisdom and a Divine Counselor. The evidence for or against an individual, planet, system, constellation or universe is presented and interpreted by the Censors. The defense of mortals and evolutionary planets is offered by Mighty Messengers. The verdict is formulated by a commission which includes members of the legislature.

The Universe Gods are subject to the decisions of the superuniverse Ancients of Days. The courts of the Ancients of Days are the high review tribunals for the spiritual adjudication of all component universes. The Sovereign Sons are supreme in their own domains although they can certainly refer an issue to the higher court. But there is one thing they can’t do: they can’t declare extinction of life. Only the Ancients of Days can do that. They can, however, declare mercy and save a person from extinction. Otherwise there is no appeal from the rulings and decisions of the superuniverse authorities since they represent the concurred opinions of the Ancients of Days and that Master Spirit, who, from Paradise, presides over the destiny of the superuniverse concerned.

A major sector comprises about one/tenth of a superuniverse and consists of 100 minor sectors, 10,000 local universes and about 100 billion inhabited planets. Major sectors are administered by three Perfections of Days, Supreme Trinity Personalities. The work of major sector goverments has to do with the intellectual status of the sector. The major sectors detain, adjudicate, dispense and tabulate, for reporting to the court of Uversa, matters of a routine nature which are not concerned with the spiritual realms or the mortal ascension plan. This sector, Umajor, has seventy study satellites for intellectual training and development.

The minor sectors are presided over by three Recents of Days. Their job is to keep their area of the superuniverse stable. They are concerned with physical control unification. The Master Physical Controllers are all collected here. They are alive but they are machines and can move planets and do amazing feats.

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