The Urantia Book

Origins of suns, planets and other spheres.

The origins can be classified in one of the following ten groups. Concentric Contraction Rings: Sometimes a nebula, instead of being spiral, will have an enormous sun encircled by ring formations of matter. Whirled Stars: stars are thrown off nebulae to the right and left. Gravity-explosion Planets: a highly gaseous sun is thrown off a nebula and passes a dark object with more mass. That object causes the sun to eject material objects which become planets. This is the way our Solar System was created. The name of our Solar System is Monmatia.

Centrifugal Planetary Daughters: Enormous suns, in certain stages of development, and at a greatly accelerated rate of revolution, throw of large quantities of matter, which become planets that continue to revolve around the sun. Gravity-deficiency Spheres: There is a critical limit to the size of gigantic stars, and if they go beyond this limit, they split into two stars. A new double star is born. I’ve heard that our sun is part of a double star system. If so, wouldn’t we know it? Numerous small planets may be created by this fission.

Contractural Stars: This example is really a catastrophe. If the inner planets of our Solar System were drawn into the sun and the outer planets were drawn to Jupiter by gravity, there would be a half-assed binary system. This is rare, except in the remote area of Orvonton. Cumulative Spheres: Space is full of dust and debris, meteors and other objects. These will start to gather together and form small planets. They will also form as a result of the accretions of transmuting energy in space and the accumulation of enormous quantities of cold matter. I think they are talking about dark energy and dark matter. Burned Out Suns: Some of the dark areas of space are burned out suns-not dark matter-nothing mysterious. Collisional Spheres: In crowded areas collsions are not unheard of. The result is sometimes a nucleus for an inhabitable planet. Artificial Architectural Spheres: These are planets built to specifications for a particular purpose. Salvington is an artificial sphere, and it has satellites, which in turn have satellites. All the headquarters planets are artificial spheres; they all have satellites, which are artificial. These spheres are heated and lighted in some high-tech way, they are very beautiful with flowers. Jesus’ home on Salvington is beautiful and I have this idea that the disciples live there, each in their own home. What I can’t get through my head is that they live in time/space. What about the other dimensions. Our 3D dimension is the lowest, there are many higher dimensions. And who the hell created the ETs? I mean the bad ones, not the Galactic Confederation, or the ones who are trying to help humanity. There are too many questions.

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