The Urantia Book

The seventh superuniverse is Orvonton, which contains our universe of Nebadon. Orvonton contains the Milky Way Galaxy, but Nebadon is on the remote edge of the Galaxy. Our astronomers can identify ten divisions of Orvonton, but Urantia is too close to the other two divisions to be able to identify them. Our universe of Nebadon and all its divisions rotate within the dense star cloud of Sagittarius

.The Sagittarius sector and all other sectors and divisions of Orvonton are in rotation around Uversa, the artificial planet headquarters. For astronomers distortions are created by multiple revolutionary movements. 1. The revolution of Urantia around its sun. 2. The circuit of your solar system around the nucleus of the former Andronover nebula. 3. The rotation of the Andronover stellar family and the associated clusters around the gravity center of the star cloud of Nebadon. 4. The swing of the local star cloud of Nebadon around the Sagittarius center. 5. The rotation of 100 minor sectors around their major sector. 6. The whirl of 10 major sectors, the so-called star drifts, around Uversa. 7. The counterclockwise procession of Orvonton and the other 6 superuniverses around Paradise and Havona.

Beings called Paradise force organizers create nebulae as the first step in the building of a universe. “They are able to initiate about their space presence the tremendous cyclones of force which, when once started, can never be stopped or limited until the all-pervading forces are mobilized for the eventual appearance of the ultimatonic units of universe matter…. Each local universe contains exactly one, one hundred thousandsth part of the total energy charge of a superuniverse regardless of nebular relationship, because energy is not organized by nebulae- it is universally distributed.”

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