Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21, by Vernon Coleman

Coleman says that Agenda 21 is a UN scheme that will ruin our lives, take away our freedoms, put us under a totalitarian dictatorship, and that’s only the beginning. And where does all this come from? It comes from bogus ideas like overpopulation and environmental destruction. The earth is getting warmer, they say, and too many people to feed is contributing to it. Both false ideas. All the planets are heating up and the trouble with starvation is that the food is available but in the wrong place. So these are the plans:

They want to get the population down to 500,000,000. They want to create the North American Union of the US, Canada and Mexico. A ten lane highway will be built from Mexico to Canada. Canada will be broken up in to states of the United States as in the 51st, 52nd, etc. Already an unelected commission has confiscated 584,000acres of land from nearly 1 million Texas farmers through bogus court rulings. Also parts of our country are being sold to foreigners, especially the Chinese, which already owns a port on the West coast. The idea is to destroy the United States to make it part of the NAU. But there is much more at stake for our freedoms. For example, they (unelected non-governmental agencies) are going to try to force all of us to live in “Smart Cities” in poorly built housing. To this end they block off-ramps to small towns to make people in those towns consider moving. The rest of country will be allowed to go back to its natural state. In Texas 8000 miles of roads and land are being given to government-backed foreign companies. Officials in government have sworn to uphold the Constitution, so backing any of these plans will find them in court at a minimum or arrested for high treason.

Psalm 140 is eerily close to the situation and description that faces Humanity under Agenda 21 (178 nations signed on to this horror show). The psalm is ‘a Prayer for Deliverance from the Wicked’, according to the poem’s editor. There will be a desperate fight when people find out they will lose their homes and end up in unsafe city towers. They will lose their carbon producing vehicles. The city streets will be dominated by bike riders. As the author points out, bike lanes are being put in the roads all over the world. This, of course, leads to congestion, and is meant to make drivers frustrated, having to change lanes, slow down, meet oncoming cars and in general using more gas than having a road uncluttered to drive on. They put a bike lane through my parking place across from my church, so I can’t park there anymore.

“preserve me from the violent, says verse 2. “the wicked have laid snares for me by the wayside.” “Lord, do not grant the desires of the wicked ones,” This psalm indicates how xsthe average person will react to Agenda 21 and the New World Order. But the psalm ends on a high note. If the author trusts in God, he will be delivered from his enemies, the wicked one who want to do him harm. But there is a lot more than harm coming down the pike, unless we do something.

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