The Good Guys and the Bad Guys

I witnessed a very disturbing event on YouTube last night. There were some Mexican teenagers in the street of their city playing around with their cellphones-taking pictures. What happened was too fast for the naked eye, but the camera showed a grey alien hiding behind a telephone pole and suddenly grabbing one of the boy’s arms; the kid jerked his arm away. Adults became involved and one of the them had a meter that could measure energy; and there was far more energy in that area and there was an anomaly-a hole in the middle. There was also a very intelligent journalist there, who said that the alien was planning to abduct the boy and pull him through the portal (the empty spot). There are many portals and even heavy equipment can be driven through them. Portals may go to another planet or a place on Earth. This incident can explain all the people who disappear. That partly explains why W was so pants on fire to invade Iraq-Iraq has many portals. A group is hiking in Yellowstone and getting yelled at for feeding the bears, and suddenly little Danny isn’t with them. A massive search and rescue operation is organized. Little Danny was never found. If he was pulled into a portal, he could have a variety of fates. He could be traded to some one on another planet for slavery, sex slavery,; he might be traded to another planet for food. the aliens are very fond of the pineal gland; in fact every part of the boys anatomy is prize, especially the blood and hormones. Danny might get forced into Satanic sex rituals. Bill Cooper’s book “Pale Horse, Pale Rider” is describe all the Satanic rituals and sex—he gets down to the nitty-gritty.

There have been a few things in the news. I don’t know where to start. I should start with Kerry Cassidy . She has Project Camelot and her motto is Getting The Truth Out One Whistle-blower At A Time. Many of the men she has interviewed are retired special forces or military men of high rack. As you know our country is operating under Martial Law. All the guards men in Washington are guarding the capitol against attack be Trump and his group of military people. Today, March 4 Trump and the military were going to make a movement, the objective being the White House. After all, he won the election by 82% Biden is getting critical reviews and he’s doing things that Americans just don’t want, Just look at the mess at the southern border. He just won’t take action; he’s playing to the radical left. Again about martial law: there are aircraft carriers at the West coast and the East coast. Each of these carriers have dozens of support ships with them, I sort of doubt that anyone would freak if Trump took over the White House. Trump and his team have be working to rescue people (children) from those underground bases. And then there is Joe Biden. I love Joe, I always have, I liked him long before Obama chose him as VP.

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