The 9/11 MegaRitual.

In 1919 the Ringling Brothers Circus made Sarasota their winter home, and their staff and performers settled there. All 7 brothers were Masons. In 1968 their Clown College located there as well. Rumor has it that CIA recruits were sent there to learn sleight-of- hand. Clowns are modern incarnations of the trickster deity, of which Hermes, Pan and Satan are all prime examples. The trickster clown is an Jungian archetype and the most ancient clowns have been found in the Fifth dynasty of Egypt.

The playful image of the clown has given way to a dark contemporary image (King’s Pennywise, for example). Horror has supplanted humor, which perhaps is a reflection on the times in which we live. Mark Dery, author of “Cotton Candy Autopsy: Deconstructing Psycho-Killer Clowns,” asserts that the evil clown is an icon of our times. Clowns are depicted as murderous psychopaths, an apt description of the occult perpetrators of the 9/11 MegaRitual, who used pseudo-Islamic extremist patsies to pilot planes full of terrified passengers into buildings (and into the ground, where Flight 93 disappeared completely in an astonishing vanishing act).

Act Three: American Airlines Flight 77 and the Pentagon. The skills need to hit the West wing of the Pentagon from the angle the plane would have to approach it would be beyond Hani Hanjour, who, according to the manager of a flying school, “could not fly at all.” There are all sorts of other mysteries connected to this hi-jacking. The was no contour of a plane in the wall of the building. There was no debris on the ground that would lead someone to conclude that a plane had crashed into the building. The “plane” left a path through to the inner courtyard, where, of course, nobody could see it, only wonder what it was. Most speculated that it was a missile. But, if so, where were the passengers? Another mystery is that Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, on September 10, said he couldn’t account for $2.3 trillion in transactions. Strangely, the DOD’s accounting division was in the west wing where the relevant investigation was taking place. Not only that, but the groundbreaking ceremony for the Pentagon itself was on September 11, 1941, 60 years to the day before 9/11.

77 is a popular occult number, but 7, 77 and multiples of 7 are also popular with God. How do I know this? The Urantia Book details the structure of the grand universe and 7 is a featured number. There is the Central Universe, with Paradise in the middle; there are seven circles of a billion planets circling Paradise called Havona. There are seven superuniverses revolving around the Central universe. Each one has 700,000 local universes and 7,000,000,000,000 inhabitable planets. Each universe has 10,000,000 worlds. Our universe Nebadon is not chaotic, although it may seem so. The grand universe is organized down to the last detail, although cosmic events of course seem very disorderly. Outer space included is called the Master Universe, and its being developed with new universes.

77 is especially important in the occult world, Flight 77 strikes the Pentagon, which sits on the 77th Meridian West, and is 77 feet tall. You can’t make this up! Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, lists the 77 names of the gods and goddesses invoked and which occupy the Palace of Hell. The number 77 is also a Masonic signal, the number of the Revenge of Lamech, ancestor of Hiram Abiff, the Master Mason.

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