The 9/11 MegaRitual.

The number of power (11) was combined with the potent symbol of the World Trade Center in order to invoke the most powerful entity in existence: Satan. But does Satan really exist? Lucifer and Satan were brought to trial for their crimes against humanity and declared guilty. They were given their choice of how they wanted to die. They could either be terminated by the court or they could self-terminate. They chose the latter, so they are both gone. This doesn’t mean that demons don’t try to pretend they are Satan, although its not certain that demons exist, since Jesus may have cleared most of them off the planet. When people have outrageous sex orgies and bloody sacrifices of animals or even humans they are trying to invoke what they think are evil entities because it makes the sex better, but they are probably dredging up the filth from their own id. After all, humans have a reptilian brain and God knows what lurks down there. But I digress.

”In the end, what we have is a highly symbolic, ritual working broadcast to millions of people, a Satanic inversion; a Black Mass, where the “pews” are filled by the entire nation and through which humanity is brutalized and debased.” —–Michael Hoffman, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. There is some question of when President Bush knew when the first plane hit the North Tower. Versions differ. But the question is: Why did he sit there and listen to that damned story about the pet goat for 7 minutes after he knew the US was under attack? The author Bain sarcastically compares Bush to Crowley, who says in worship of the devil: “I read this book that I may study the nature of my Deity.” And Bush sat and listened as people fell from towers and burned alive, and again Crowley’s sarcasm applies: “Yet also may he deliberately practice cruelties…” conjuring the image of the The Tower tarot card, Inferno, the devil’s paradise, Sarasota’s unofficial name.

But the evildoers are after something far more serious than word games. It’s an amazing coincidence that Bush and the children were reading about a pet goat. But it is probably more like a synchronicity, a coincidence that has meaning. According to Mason Manly P. Hall, “the symbolism of the goat relates to the pre-Christian god Pan, Dionysius. Pan is represented as being half-human, half-goat, with horns, and would later in Medieval times represent the devil. But Bain says it was not a coincidence and gives us a surprising and humorous account of how The Pet Goat fits into the mythology of 9/11. On a deeper level this story is an allegory of the Luciferian Doctrine: The father is an overbearing hyper-authoritarian, and the goat, which at first seemed naughty, turned out to save the day. It is Lucifer, the light-bearer, who seeks to set humanity free. Masonry acts as the contemporary retainer for the ancient Mystery religion, and in Morals and Dogma, 33degree Freemason Albert Pike candidly exalts the fallen angel.(Bain) Bain says there is a YouTube video of the teacher reading The Pet Goat with her class, and describes it as similar to a ritualistic chanting of a religious ceremony. This is going on while the perpetrators, through their ritualistic, homicidal acts, seek to unite themselves with Satan. Fatefully, Mohamed Atta, a ringleader of the 9/11 tragedy, took pilot lessons briefly in…. Sarasota. He was the hi-jacker pilot of the first plane to hit its target, we are led to believe, and according to Bain, this is neither coincidence or synchronicity; rather, it is yet another example of the twisted humor and sophisticated logistics employed in the 9/11 MegaRitual.

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