Good-Bye, Dr. Fauci.

Scientific totalitarianism is the background music of Anthony Fauci’s brilliant and long-lasting Ponzi scheme. A so-called liberal democracy like America demands a covert form of scientific totalitarianism that does not scare the horses of oversight and public opinion. Fauci knew how to manipulate the levers of institutional power and image-making in ways that Bernie Madoff would envy. For a scientific Ponzi scheme to prevail in America, nobody must recognize they have acquiesced to a major scientific and medical fraud. Doctors must follow protocols established by the HIV/AIDS Ponzi scheme and patients must not question them. Sanctions must stand at the ready if they do. Nobody must see tell-tale sighs of fraud, deceit and censorship. Fauci knew the tricks required to turn ivy-league-educated elite journalists into servile puppets and perky stenographers. An intimidating voice, a good haircut, and clothes that fit well go a long way in science, especially if you are as skilled in the art of veiled and not-so-veiled threats as Fauci is.

Laziness is not a Fauci flaw. It took a great deal of energy to keep the entire NIH establishment from dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and its relationship to AIDS for four decades. And Fauci is not stupid. There was tons of research showing that AIDS and CFS were similar; the recognition that he got AIDS wrong because he got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome wrong and vice versa would have turned him into an instant disgrace in the eyes of his family and friends.

The author has listed the elements necessary for a successful public health Ponzi scheme: 1. epidemiological fraud 2. virological fraud 3. treatment fraud 4. public health policy fraud 5. concealment of negative scientific data and paradigm challenging anomalies 6. use of a network of “old boys” to censor critics and whistle blowers 7 . obscurantism 8. witch hunts of anyone challenging the system 9. a subservient scientific press that acts as a conveyor belt for the Ponzi scheme’s propaganda 10. Nosological fraud this is the branch of medicine that deals with the classification of disease. It is ground zero for public health fraud.

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