The CFS research community was especially fascinated by the fact that the Gupta HIV-negative AIDS-like cases were Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers. Gupta, who had a cohort of CFS patients in his clinical practice and who had presented a paper on the immunology of CFS at medical conference on the disease, had discussed the possibility that CFS and non-HIV positive AIDS were the same disease. In the world of normal science, this would be the “smoking gun.” The AIDS conference in 1992 should have been one of those great moments in normal science as described by Thomas Kuhn. It could have been a moment when disturbing “anomalies” attracted the “attention of a scientific community.” But this would not be one of those eureka moments in science “that would lead to a new set of commitments, a new basis for the practice of science “(Kuhn). After the revelations of HIV negative AIDS cases, the researchers would STILL not give up their “shared paradigm.” No new AIDS or (CFS=AIDS) paradigm was allowed to reveal itself in Amsterdam and subsequently be fairly examined and debated. This sounds like fascism. And consequently, immune system destroying HHV-6 would remain locked in the basement of “science.”

Had the science at Amsterdam been normal, both the AIDS research and the CFS research might have morphed into one unified system. The dismantling of the “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome isn’t AIDS” paradigm should have begun in earnest. HHV-6 might have emerged quickly as the unifying viral agent of those two epidemics which should have been considered one in the first place. And those two epidemics were just the tip of the HHV-6 iceberg. What happened in Amsterdam was a virtual nosological and epidemiological crime. It was a deliberate attempt to use sheer political force to make a legitimate scientific crisis disappear. There would be no turn to what Kuhn describes as a “philosophical analysis as a device for unlocking the riddles of their field.” There would be no Kuhnian “transition from normal to extraordinary research.” Kuhm asserted that the “price of significant scientific advance is a commitment that runs the risk of being wrong.” Those who controlled the HIV/AIDS paradigm would not do any science that proved them wrong. They had bet their white, heterosexist male professional reputations on the HIV/AIDS and CFS is not AIDS paradigms.

The person most responsible for this suppression of research was the de facto AIDS Czar, the tantrum prone Anthony Fauci. This may have been the last chance for Fauci and the HIV/AIDS establishment to turn back from the precipice of the HHV-6 spectrum catastrophe. But even his sister couldn’t save him from his dark path. Top administrators gathered in Atlanta to question researchers who were dealing with non-HIV positive AIDS, calling it a threat. So far they had found 50 patients, but there were sure to be more. But the carved-in-stone paradigm of HIV/AIDS and CFS is not AIDS was 8 years old at the time so nothing much was gained at that meeting. The nation’s heterosexist and racist AIDS propaganda and public health policies had been built on its assumptions. The solution to the all the problems put to Fauci was 1. CFS people shouldn’t be ashamed for being told their problems were all in their head. 2. He put out a call for all HIV negative cases-the author said there were 13 million. That’s an estimate of the number of the cases of CFS, a condition which research suggests is HIV negative AIDS. So I’ve had that all my life.

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