Dr. Fauci, the Bad Guy.

Osler’s Web: Inside the Labyrinth of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic. This the an epic work of journalism detailing the CDC’s failure to acknowledge the true nature of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epidemic. It is now all too painfully obvious that the DuBois cases—-with the tell-tale signs of hypergammagobulinemia, t-cell perturbations and persistent reactivated EBV and CMV infections—were the real beginning of the AIDS/CFS/HHV-6 disaster. Doctors began seeing endless cases of “mono” and an article was written about it in “The Southern Medical Journal” in 1984. That year, by the way, was the year the government made the consequential mistake of certifying HIV as the cause of AIDS. The mono patients “morphed” into the millions of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and HHV-6 patients that Fauci and his organization were willfully ignoring (and were supposedly tasked with researching) while building their Potemkin HIV/AIDS empire,

Fauci next warns journalists that those who report negatively about any scientific work they don’t agree with may find themselves out of the loop and unable to find scientists to interview. They might cut off Peter Duesberg because he asked questions about what the government, Fauci. thought was good work, as did the rest of the HIV/AIDS establishment. Fauci was saying that he and his cronies would only be accountable to themselves, which is the hermetically sealed, closed community essence of what should be called totalitarian, abnormal, and ultimately sociopathic science.

The Eighth International Conference on AIDS in Amsterdam in July of 1992, according to the author, was a point of no turning back. A fateful line was crossed, a life of virtual pseudo scientific crime against humanity was virtually signed onto and those responsible for Holocaust II lost all forms of “plausible deniability.” AIDS almost overnight became AIDSgate and a very unique Nazi-like biomedical and epidemiological assault against humanity. And who was in the leadership of this crime against humanity? He wasn’t exactly Bernie Madoff of the biomedical Ponzi scheme that maintained AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and HHV-6 spectrum catastrophe. But not after Amsterdam.

Next there were some shocking developments in the University of California and even more astounding revelations from the scientists at Amsterdam. Subhir Gupta, an immunologist at the University of California found a retrovirus in a woman who did not have AIDS and 7 other patients, too. The virus was completely unknown. Those gathered at Amsterdam were riveted by the news because they were seeing the same thing in their practices. They were especially interested in the fact that the woman had an AIDS-like condition wherein a subset of T-cells were severely depleted. Also, she had suffered pneumonia, which afflicts many AIDS patients whose CD4 cells are depleted. The author said that there was an international near panic set off by the possibility that there was a second previously unrecognized AIDS epidemic on the horizon that was caused by a non-HIV agent. It turned out that the CDC was already aware of this possibility and the patients with the anomaly. The CDC concluded that HIV may not be the only infectious cause of immune deficiency. The author’s comment was “Two AIDS viruses-a gay one and a straight one. OMG!”

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