Dr. Fauci and the AIDS Epidemic.

At the amfAR forum. Maybe someone should have asked if there was something funky about a group of hostile, arrogant, white heterosexual mostly male scientists performing their jerry-built kind of seat-of-the-pants epidemiological science on gays. Wasn’t that a formula for all kinds of prurient heterosexist pseudoscientific mischief if there ever was one? In terms of majorities doing their science on minorities, hasn’t anyone ever heard of Nazi science or the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment? Why didn’t anyone other than Lauritsen noticed the peculiar, unscientific, defensiveness of the whole affair i.e. that the ladies had protested too much? And most importantly, why was HHV-6, which had been discovered in AIDS patients two years before the forum, not put on the table for discussion?

In September of 1989 Dr. Fauci wrote a brief article in the AAAS Observer.

He pontificated that “the media are no place for amateurs, particularly when talking about a public health problem of the magnitude of AIDS.” The author whips out his Glock and says: “Especially when one considers the magnitude of the HHV-6 public health problem that this self-reverential scientist himself helped create for the whole human race. Fauci’s real problem was journalists who listened carefully to him and knew enough to ask the right (inconvenient) questions. Then, says the author, came one of the biggest fibs in the history of science. Fauci reveals his real agenda in the last part of the article: “One striking example is Peter Duesberg’s theory that HIV is not the cause of AIDS. I laughed at that for a while, but it led to a lot of public concern that HIV was a hoax. The idea had a great deal of credibility just on the basis of news coverage.” Say What!? Duesberg never said it was a hoax; he said it was a mistake. Duesberg wasn’t in the category of those who say the moon landings were staged on a desert somewhere. He was a Nobel-caliber expert on retroviruses, and his opinion should have been valued. According to Ortleb, Fauci was a Trumpian in that he was essentially accusing those who spotted his fake science as being purveyors of fake news.

The fact that Fauci took this soooo personally spoke volumes about the petulant chip-on the shoulder attitude problems of those involved with AIDS. Fauci put it all on the line. Questioning his so-called science was a threat to his very being. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that he was ready to viciously fight for so long during Holocaust II to keep everyone from seeing what a house of cards he had helped build. This refusal to consider any other cause of AIDS did suggest he had serious problems in the ‘integrity’ department. Fauci, like most of the crowd that gave us Holocaust II, knew only too well what normal, non-totalitarian science is supposed to look like: “People are especially confused when they see divergent viewpoints about the same thing. They do not understand that the beauty of science is that it is self-corroborating and self-correcting, that it is important for scientists to be wrong.” That whole process was being short-circuited by the totalitarian hijinks of the touchy HIV/AIDS establishment that was growing more dominant by the day. The very tone of Fauci’s piece, its extraordinary imperiousness and presumptuousness about the stupidity of the public points to the fundamental problem for a society in which arrogant and dishonest elite scientific communities have more and more power. The only way to show that HIV wasn’t the cause of AIDS was to do clinical trials with patients. It would just take a few AIDS patients with no evidence of HIV. In fact those patients were the very immune compromised Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients a doctor named Richard DuBois had seen in his Atlantic practice before the socio-epidemiological construction of the heterosexist and racist HIV/AIDS paradigm. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but I don’t have AIDS. What does that mean?

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