Fauci: The Bernie Madoff of Science and the HIV Ponzi Scheme that Concealed the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, by Charles Ortleb.

President Trump had always been suspicious of Anthony Fauci, and Kerry Cassidy, my source for underground intelligence, had made a remark about Fauci that indicated something weird about him, but I didn’t get the details. Now I realize that Trump actually dislikes Fauci. Amazon brought to my attention a hot book, the title book, and this is of great importance to me because I’ve suffered from chronic fatigue all my life. My daughter even remembers my complaining of being tired. It was always passed off by doctors; they didn’t even suggest anemia or treat my very low blood pressure. I was diagnosed with low blood sugar, hypoglycemia, and put on an appropriate diet. You would think getting sugar out of the diet would help with fatigue, and I suppose it did, but I can’t remember. I do know I went on being chronically tired. Ortleb says the treatment given to gay men when the AIDS crisis loomed large was bad enough to label Holocaust II, and he used the word “Iatrogenocide” to describe how they were dealt with by the medical profession. The author was publisher of the newspaper “New York Native,” and he put out the very first story about the epidemic. As Ortleb continued his investigations, he noticed serious credibility gaps in what the CDC was telling the public about the epidemic. The government was building a paradigm around the notion that AIDS was caused by a retrovirus ultimately labeled “HIV.” Credible critics of the retroviral theory were silenced and vilified. His newspaper became very controversial when it began reporting on another epidemic called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He says that from his investigations, it was hard not to conclude that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is part of the AIDS epidemic and is linked to AIDS by a virus called HHV-6, which government scientists refused to take seriously. The HIV/AIDS community lined up behind the government and Ortleb’s views became unpopular; the paper’s last issue was in January of 1997.

The author has concluded since that the similarities between AIDS science and Nazi science are too obvious for people of conscience to ignore. He quotes an astounding remark from a book by James M. Glass: “It was not cultural propagandists who organized the infamous ‘special treatment’ of the Jews; it was the public health officials, the scientific journals, the physicians, the administrators, and the lawyers, who feared the very presence of the Jews would endanger their families, their bodies and ultimately their lives. To think of the Jew in such terms is insane from our perspective, but it was held to be sane in the culture caught up in the phobic projection of infection onto the Jews and the scientific authority legitimizing such beliefs.” Ortleb goes on to say: “In many ways AIDS, or what I call Holocaust II, involved what could be called “special epidemiological treatment” of gays which was created and supported by health officials, scientific journals, physicians, administrators, lawyers, activists, celebrities and many others. While the manner in which AIDS is understood by public health authorities and the general public is assumed to be sane, a closer look reveals that a genocidal insanity lurks beneath the surface. In the case of AIDS, a fraudulent and phobic epidemiology has been used to scapegoat and biomedically persecute the gay community, and many others.

Ortleb picks out one individual he describes as the architect of Holocaust II. That individual is described as being abnormal, totalitarian and sociopathic. It was a tragic day, according to Ortleb, when Anthony Fauci became Director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) on November 2, 1984. He became the “de facto AIDS czar.” Fauci had risen quickly at NIH (National Institutes of Health). Fauci saw AIDS as an opportunity to grow NIAID into a bigger and more powerful institute. Fauci, as we all know, is small, well-dressed and articulate. He is very ambitious, assertive and dominant. I have a theory that Trump won’t wear a mask because Fauci advocated wearing a mask. The author quotes a few sentences in “Good Intentions,” by Bruce Nuss baum, saying that Fauci wasn’t a brilliant scientist-his “true vocation was empire building.” Unfortunately, the empire his extreme ambition would build was Holocaust II. Fauci, to build his empire and fulfill his dream had to grab more than his share of the pie. And he had to get AIDS research out of the claws of the National Cancer Institute, and wow!!! was he successful. In 1986 NIAID received 63 million; in 1997 it received 146 million; by 1990 it was up to 1/2 billion. Fauci’s ship had come in, but that meant the gay community’s boat would be sinking fast. It would fall to Anthony Fauci to be the Enforcer-in-Chief of the “homodemiological” HIV/AIDS and “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is Not AIDS” paradigms of Holocaust II. No one can argue that he did not do a spectacular job of paradigm enforcement for three dreadful decades.

In the mid-1980’s an organization called the American Foundation for AIDS Research began collecting money for HIV research. I was discovered later that amfAR was just an arm of the government and that its agenda was to promote the government’s HIV causes AIDS paradigm and also to squelch serious criticism of the Government’s position. A forum was put on by amfAR in Washington, DC, ostensibly to discuss possible causes of AIDS other than HIV. But there was a hidden agenda. They wanted to silence Peter Duesberg, a retrovirologist at Berkely, who claimed that HIV was not the source of AIDS. The journalists present saw through the whole charade.


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