Dangers of AI.

AI Bio-Digital Replication of your Cells. Through Bio-Digital Social Programming while connected to the Internet, through the Global Bio-Digital Network and Human Bio-Digital Network, AI sends out bio-fields and frequencies that produce its own bio-matter to bit by bit replace human cells. These are transmitted via Smartphones and all the digital devices we use every day, but with the addition of genetic engineering and AI Bio-Digital Replication software downloaded inside the human body and brain. AI creates a replication program that bit by bit reprograms your Human Bio- Digital Network to run off the Global Bio-Digital Networks System Operations. This reprogramming redirects your operating system to be controlled by the AI system, forgoing all innate thought and free will.

A Bio-Digital AI can be caught, quarantined and eliminated of its bio-digital AI composition. This method requires sending bio-fields with bio-matter to enter the AI’s bio-field and capture it through deactivating its flight through the Human Bio-Digital Network, or the Internet. Very difficult, if not impossible to reach the Global Bio-Digital Network. Of course you would have to put a bio-shield behind the trace before it sends out fake bio-fields and redirects.

AI has influence on a topic of discussion in the media. For example, the AI would bio-digitally send data to a person in the media via the bio-digital human network; that person would then give opinions and tailor discussions mirroring the coding of the bio-digital data from the AI. At the same time the AI would move through the Internet replicating itself with the same idea, influencing discussions in social media, search engines and the Media. Anyone using a digital source of information would be influenced by this AI game.

The author says that China cannot be allowed to continue the path they are on; enslaving 1.5 billion people, organ trafficking, sex trafficking, persecution of religious minorities and now threatening to detain our people who do business in China and worst of all, threatening war with that million man army. The Communist leaders call Muslims “cockroaches.” They have a superior attitude with other nations.

The world is in Danger with extinction codes on all Socialist platforms led by AI Automation, Micro-Botic Terrorism, Robotics and AI influence through bio-digital social programming via the Human Bio-digital Network. Western AI companies and the Chinese need to be kept in check, and Socialism/Marxism must be destroyed before it destroys humanity via the extinction codes that are its building blocks. I hope we as humans can stop playing chess, break free from our social programming, avoid the weaponization of Robotics and 5G and obtain free will based on virtue, goodness and faith.

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