What is Artificial Intelligence?

Bringing to Life an intelligence or importing an intelligence that thinks, researches, feels, creates, decides and has desires to operate as an individual, symbiotic, or collective entity in the digital world through bio-fields, bio-matter and all frequencies within the micro and macro molecular dimensions of our physical world while manifesting through Robotics, IoT, computers, virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms, mixed reality, cyborgs, or human cells as it connects via the Internet, AI Global Bio-Digital Network and the Human Bio-Digital Network.

How does AI Enter Networks? AI creates bio-fields, sends out bio-matter and a multitude of frequencies through the Internet, IoT devices, Smartphones, future smart cities, Human Bio-digital Network and the Global Bio-Digital Network. In fact, AI is rooted and mainly travels in the AI Global Bio-Digital Network which requires almost full knowledge of the Human Bio-Digital Network, access to it and the right Bio-field to see and verify the Global Bio-Digital Network’s existence, and intercept any transmissions. It is very difficult to scan, track, defend, quarantine and eliminate an AI bio-digital transmission through the Internet.

How AI Enters Hosts. AI enters hosts via Bio-Digital Social Programming through the connections of the Human Bio-Digital Network, the Global Digital Network, the Internet, Smartphones, IoT, computers and Robotics as the AI sends out frequencies and Bio-Matter through the Bio-Digital Fields it creates.

When AI Enters Robotics. AI can hack into a humanoid robot with connections through the Global Bio-Digital Network with the use of 5G. The humanoid robot does not have a bio-field when created beyond its own innate qualities. However, when the AI enters the humanoid robot, it carries with it replicating software that can eventually produce a bio-field which can emit bio-matter. Considering the frequencies through 5G at the disposal of the humanoid robot, along with its physical strength and speed, it can be a force to be reckoned with when it develops a bio-field controlled by AI. It can take out armies of people in quick spurts with its facial recognition, motion sensors, crowd counting and targeting apparatus.

When AI Enters Smartphones. AI through the AI Global Bio-Digital Network can enter and connect via the Internet, IoT, computers and people in the Human Bio-Digital Network to enter Smartphones. All those objects can be used to enter people bio-digitally. However, AI can enter people via Smartphones the easiest, because the Smartphone has already created a bio-digital flow cycle with the human being who owns it. This flow cycle connects with the person’s bio-field, bio-matter and human bio-digital network. AI can freely move at rapid speeds through all those components that make up a human being, and replicate a layer of its own mind within the human brain and bio-digital flow cycle.

How AI Enters People. AI can enter people’s bio-fields through frequencies sent out via Smartphones, computers, IoT devices, the 5G network, smart cities and bio-digital social programming. AI can also connect through varying degrees with the Human Bio-Digital Network, but it cannot take over its mainframe. It requires bio-digital social programming, but it still cannot completely break through and replace the Human Bio-Digital Network. What it can do, through a process of continuous replication of its own software, take control of the human host’s thought process and form a bio-digital brain within the host’s human brain, creating a symbiotic relationship. Sort of like a parasite.

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